How much does it cost to rebind a bible

how much does it cost to rebind a bible

How Much Does it Cost to Rebind an Old Book?

The cost depends on the size of your Bible and the type of leather. There can also be additional charges for repairs to the text block. LEONARD’S STANDARD PRICE LIST FOR BIBLE REBINDING A/O February 19, (Note: For the Historical Styles price list, click here. For leather-lined goatskin, click here.) Directions: Circle the desired color under your choice of hide and grain. Then circle the price under the correct Bible size.

Here are are links to all the price lists what was life like for a teenager in the 1960s order forms referred to on our website. For erbind information on how to use these forms and send in your order, visit our Ordering Page. Click on that ball player above for some fast numbers to give you an idea of our pricing.

They are not intended to take the place of an official estimate, mjch we will be sending you shortly rdbind receipt of your book. The official estimate will itemize any necessary repairs to the text block sewing and page repairsplus return shipping and handling. Or, keep scrolling for the standard Bible rebinding order form, some specialty style forms, and an easy project form. This is the full price list for Bible rebinding. The cost depends on the size of your Bible and the type of leather.

There can also be additional charges for repairs to the text block. The price depends on the size of your Bible. We do not substitute different leathers for these styles. Include it in the box when you ship us your book or Bible. How Much Does It Cost? Price List Clst Here are are links to all the price lists and order forms referred to on our website. General Pricing. Project Form. Search for:.

Sep 15,  · An example of a time-consuming book to restore is a bible whose book restoration costs range from $ – $ If you’ve got an incredibly valuable old book, it would be best to contact a qualified conservator for advice before having any work done because a misguided repair can cause irreversible, costly damage.

Bible rebinding and recovering can be done by yourself but the expense you pay for it sometimes doesn't make sense. The cost for you to restore the book can be determined by two essential features — namely the styles and materials you use for the cover and binding and also based on the Bible's condition. Today we are going to check out the cost factors for each style and the leather type you are going to use to rebind your Bible.

Proceed below to check out the different type of styles used and the amount you need to spend in small, medium and large sizes. The style of rebinding belongs to the 16th century, and most of them are developed using deep mahogany goatskin with prominent wrap-around raised ribs. The cost of rebinding this styles are as follows. A 17th-century softcover style made of goatskin with dark brown color hand dyed and developed with raised ribs. The cost of this form is about. Falls on the 17th-century styles and the difference of this particular style is the medium to dark brown; this style is also developed using goatskin along with raised ribs.

The cost of the country parson hardcover is as follows. The style of rebinding falls in the 18th century, and they are considered to be the flexible option available, made of English calfskin with raised ribs and medium to dark brown. The cost of the revivalist softcover includes. The only difference in this particular style is that they are from medium to dark and not more flexible. The cost of the revivalist hardcover is as follows.

The style falls on 19th-century one and is made of goatskin that is soft tanned and glossy chocolate with tab closure and wraps around flap raised ribs. The amount it will cost for this type of style is about. They are differentiated into three types namely the pebble grain cowhides, thicker cowhides, and alligator embossed, goatskin embossed cowhides.

They are developed in multiple colors namely white, tan, red, forest green, steel blue, turquoise, baby blue, lilac, etc. The cost range falls between. They are made with larger grains and comes in hazelnut bomber, chocolate, cherry bomber, camel bomber, etc. The price of the material ranges about. The leather material is most flexible and imprintable. The cost-effectiveness of the material falls as similar to the thicker cowhides. There are two different calf skins materials used for rebinding the bible, smooth and hand dyed English calfskin.

They are developed in multiple colors namely blue, brown, red, semi-gloss black, etc. These are also developed in multiple colors namely dark brown, saddle tan, tan, medium brown, etc. Soft tan, soft tanned unique colors, scapegoat, Sokoto, spindled rustic are some of the types of leather used with goatskins.

They are mostly flexible and smooth and comes in different colors namely dark brown, glossy chocolate, deep red, etc. They are flexible even if they are not made of soft leather, developed in various colors namely saddle tan, tan, mahogany, dark brown, etc. The cost of the materials for rebinding a bible is about. The rebinding bible leather material is developed using colors namely red, forest, electric blue, navy, purple, pink, etc.

The cost-effectiveness of the elements is as follows. There are three essential materials in this section namely the imitation, Bonded and genuine. The material resembled the plywood leather and available in different colors but are not made to use under substantial uses. Made of leather within the single sheet and best material for rebinding. Capable of withstanding heavy usage and also available in multiple colors.

The above prices provided are a general estimate and a guideline. You can receive the accurate cost range if you send pictures and a description of the condition of your Bible to us. Then we can provide a more accurate quote after examination.

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Revivalist Softcover. Revivalist Hardcover. Circuit Rider. SS Teacher. Pebble Grain Cowhides. Thicker Cowhides. Calf Skins. Smooth Calfskin. Hand Dyed. Soft Tanned. Soft Tanned Special Colors. They are naturally in prominent green, and the cost rage of this material is as follows. Book Binding Cloth. Bottom Line. Return to site Powered by Strikingly. Create a site with. This website is built with Strikingly. Create yours today! Almost done… We just sent you an email.

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