How to lose 7 pounds in 3 days

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days (Meal Plan Included)

How to lose 7 pounds in 3 days

how to lose 7 pounds in 3 days

25 Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Aug 30, Diet To Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days. There is a diet known as The Military Diet. The team at Authority Nutrition have covered the diet in detail. Here is a sample eating plan to help you lose weight quickly: This is the 3-day meal plan on the military diet. Day 1. This is the meal plan for day 1. It amounts to around 1, calories. Breakfast. Apr 04, Although losing 5 pounds in five days is unlikely, with the right dietary changes and exercise plan, you may be able to lose some weight and feel a little lighter. Remember: this is a five-day plan, and should be done for no longer. Sticking to this plan for longer than five days can be seriously harmful to your health.

Last Updated: April 18, References. This article was co-authored by Adam Shuty. With over 15 years of experience, Adam specializes in weightlifting, strength and conditioning, and martial arts. InAdam appeared on how to have a good relationship with your daughter Live With Kelly and Michael Show as one of the top five fitness instructors in the country.

There are 32 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewedtimes. Maintaining a healthy weight is an ongoing, life-long pursuit. But sometimes you want to shed a few pounds quickly, whether it's to meet a weight requirement, feel better in a bikini, or fit into your dream wedding dress. There's only so much one can safely do in 3 days to slim down, but you can take off a little bit of extra weight and girth in a short period of time by following a fad diet or taking measures to cut down on water weight and bloating.

To really shed calories, burn fat, build muscle, and achieve longer lasting results, you'll have to tackle some bigger dietary and lifestyle changes. One of the only ways to lose weight in 3 days is by losing water weight. Start by limiting your sodium intake to Then, drink at least 1 gallon of water each day, adding some lemon to act as a diuretic. At night, get at least hours of sleep to lower cortisol levels. During these 3 days, refrain from exercising, which can cause your body to hold onto water weight.

For tips on beating bloat and creating a long-term weight loss plant, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods.

Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Proponents of this method recommend following the meal plans as closely as possible, and then returning to a more normalized 1, calorie diet for the remainder of the week.

Breakfast for day 3 consists of: 1 small apple 1 slice of cheddar cheese. Consider a 3-day fast. Some research has shown that drinking only water and limiting yourself to less than calories per day for only 3 days can help you reboot your immune system in addition to dropping some quick pounds. Fasting can be harmful, especially for young or old people, or for those with other health problems.

Method 2 of Hold the salt. Sodium helps to store water in how to lower creatinine in the blood body, and limiting your intake of salt and other foods high in sodium can help you get rid of extra girth-widening water weight.

Less than 2. These types of preserved foods often rely on salt as a preservative and are thus packed full of sodium. Drop deli meats and cold cuts. These are also packed with sodium. Cut down on cheese. Cheese is high in salt. Drink water. It's important to stay hydrated. Get lots of water.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but drinking a lot of water is quite important when you're trying to lose water weight.

Drinking about a gallon 3. Lemon can act as a digestive aid and diuretic, which can help with both water retention and bloat. Go for that second cup of coffee or tea. These drinks can act as diuretics, which means they stimulate your body to release what does broadband isp mean water.

Get lots of rest and sleep. Besides sodium, the levels of cortisol in the body also affect water retention. Try scaling back on your exercise activities for 3 days. Exercise can actually elevate cortisol. These can all help chill you out and bring down your cortisol levels.

Method 3 of Take an anti-gas pill. While it is not recommended to turn to water shedding or "diet" pills, you can safely try taking one over-the-counter anti-gas pill to reduce excess air, gas, or other forms of intestinal bloat for a quick slimming effect.

Try a magnesium supplement. If you don't have gastrointestinal issues, try taking a magnesium supplement to help clear out your gut. Do some stomach-specific stretches. This will help to elongate and relax your stomach muscles. In some cases, this posture can temporarily improve your bowel function. Focus on your posture, too. Try to sit and stand up straight and don't hunch over or collapse your stomach. This can cause your stomach to seize and cramp up.

Make some dietary changes. Changing what and when you eat can help you banish the bloat. Eat smaller meals, slowly, and more frequently throughout the day to avoid bloating up when you eat. Eat plenty of fiber. Go for protein smoothies, yogurt, and low sodium soups instead of solid food. Liquids are easier to digest and don't pouch out your stomach as much as solid meals. Throw some fiber-rich fruit into your smoothies and yogurt to help move things along in and out of your intestines.

The bubbles how do bluetooth receivers work these drinks can bloat you up, and you ingest a lot of extra air when you chew gum.

Method 4 of Focus on eating lean protein eggs or low-fat Greek yogurt for breakfast as a way to jump-start your metabolism, stay fuller longer, and help you burn calories throughout the day.

Veg out on veggies. Eating fiber-rich fresh vegetables as part of your meals and as snacks will help you curb hunger and eat less throughout the day. Drink lots of water. Skip sugary types of drinks and stick to pure, simple water. Water also helps boost your metabolism and aid in digestion.

Be sure to drink at least 64 ounces 1. Try infusing your water with non-sugary flavor sources, like fresh mint, basil, or cucumber slices to make hydration more palatable. Avoid liquid calories. High calorie drinks can be dangerous in that what is a good response time for a tv end up consuming more calories that you notice.

Try to limit drinks like sugary juices, sweetened coffee or tea, and alcoholic beverages. These count for more than of our daily calories, and we often consume them without even noticing! Eliminate fast foods and refined grains white bread, for example which are loaded with fats and often pumped full of extra, unnecessary sugars.

Limiting salt and starches will help you reduce fluid retention and shed water weight, which is great for a quick slim-down fix. Control your portions. Eat 1. Eat 2. Consume 3 cups.

Eat no more than teaspoons ml of oils try to get these from plant and protein sources. Eat no more than calories from solid fats and added sugars. Eat smaller meals more often.


Apr 18, One of the only ways to lose weight in 3 days is by losing water weight. Start by limiting your sodium intake to grams per day, and avoid canned or prepackaged food. Then, drink at least 1 gallon of water each day, adding some lemon to act as a diuretic. At night, get at least hours of sleep to lower cortisol levels. In 3 weeks time, I lost 5 pounds, /2 inches from my waistline, 1 inch of thigh circumference, and 1 inch off my upper arms, all the while feeling full, satisfied, energized, and happy. I was not hungry, EVER. Many days I felt as though I could have skipped lunch, but stuck with the plan and ate 3 meals per day, plus an occasional snack. Are you wanting to lose weight quickly without exercise? This Peel-a-Pound Soup burns more calories digesting it than your body intakes, so you lose weight q.

There may be thousands of weight loss tips , out there but let's get real: There's only a handful of hacks that you'll realistically be able to implement and commit to long enough to see the results you want. To help you lose 10 pounds and get the flat stomach of your dreams, we've gathered 25 of the easiestand most effectivediet, fitness and healthy lifestyle tips of all time.

None of them will overhaul your life which makes them easy to commit to , yet all of them are proven to help you lose a fair amount of weight in a year. If you commit to one tip from each category, we can guarantee you'll be down 10 pounds 12 months from today.

And the best part is: Once these healthy habits become second nature, they'll help you maintain your trimmer figure for a lifetime. This one's for all of you soda lovers out there: According to new research in Kelly Choi's The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse , every time you choose green tea one of the very best weight loss teas over a can of Coke, you save calories.

And there's more good news: Green tea is packed with metabolism-enhancing antioxidants called catechins, so sipping the brew can amp up your calorie burn. In fact, one British Journal of Nutrition study found that men who drank a mixture of caffeine and green tea burn about additional calories in a hour period than those who don't sip the stuff.

Before sitting down to eat, down 17 ounces of water. Doing so will curb your appetite and lower the odds that you'll overeat. Research participants in a British study who followed this routine lost an average of 2. That translates to If you can't stand the taste of plain water, whip up a batch of detox water filled with flavorful, fresh fruit and herbs.

If you love fast food we have good news: You can still eat your favorite burgers and nuggets and lose weightso long as you switch out the fries for a side salad. Don't believe this hack can make a major difference? Consider this: A side salad with low-fat Italian dressing from McDonald's has 70 calories while the calories in a small order of Ronald's fries complete with a packet of ketchup has If you eat fast food twice a week, this simple swap will save you 17, calories, or 5 pounds, a year!

Obviously, the calorie saving varies depending on the fast food joint, but so long as you go light on the dressing, you can be sure you're saving at least calories each time you dine.

Suffer from sweet tooth syndrome? Instead of noshing on cookies or a king-sized candy bar, quiet your sugar cravings with a small piece of dark chocolate. We like Nibmor Extreme Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs because it has a mere calories per serving and is made with just five ingredientsa rare find in the candy aisle. A dark chocolate square may not seem quite as satisfying as your favorite choice the first few times, but after awhile you won't even miss the sweeter snacks.

And bonus: Dark chocolate contains pure cocoa butter, a source of digestion-slowing stearic acid, so it can help you eat less, accelerating your weight loss wins! If a Twix bar is your weekday vending machine splurge, switching to Nibmor's lower cal sweet could help you drop nearly 7 pounds in a year!

Every dieter knows that booze is a major source of calories, but not everyone is willing to become a teetotaler fun fact: that's someone who doesn't drink to fit into their skinny jeanswe totally get it. Instead of ditching the booze altogether, commit to drinking drink two glasses of water between each alcoholic beverage. It'll slow down your drinking and prevent you from heading mindlessly to the late-night pizza joint. Average four drinks per night when you go out?

You'll likely cut that in number in halfand save a minimum of caloriesby sticking to our suggestion. If you booze twice a week, you could easily slash 9 pounds from your frame in 12 months flat. Looking for more ways to sip yourself skinny? Then check out these delicious smoothies for weight loss!

According to recent stats, Americans dine out between four and five times a weekwhich is bad news for your belly. Not only are portions and calorie counts substantially larger at restaurants compared to home cooked meals, even seemingly healthy dishes are laden with excess fat, salt, and calories.

Instead of vowing to order a healthier meal every time you dine out which can be near impossible , commit to ordering a broth-based soup as an appetizer. People who eat soup as a "preload," consume an average 20 percent fewer calories over the course of a meal, research shows.

What's that mean for you? The average meal from a sit-down restaurant contains a whopping 1, calories, according to a University of Toronto report , so you'd stand to save about calories every time you ate out. And if you shave calories from your plate just four times a week, you could easily drop 14 pounds this yearwithout making any other change to your routine. Sure, your favorite blueberry crumble yogurt tastes great, but you're fooling yourself if you think it's a health food.

Chobani's take on the flavor made with 0 percent milk fat packs calories and 15 grams of sugarmore than 50 percent of the day's recommended intake. To lose weightwithout sacrificing flavoropt for a plain Greek yogurt topped with a handful of berries.

It will run you about calories and nix all of the added sugar. Make this change every day for a year and you'll stand to lose about 3 pounds! Bad diet decisions happen when you're hungry and unprepared. You may not realize it but those bags of chips from the mall vending machine and those free danishes from the office break room that you grab in a pinch really add up.

To stay on track all day long, load your car, purse and desk with raw nuts, non-perishable fruits like bananas, apples and pears and other healthy high-protein snacks.

If you have access to a refrigerator, stash away a container of Greek yogurt and some hard boiled eggs. Grabbing an apple and a hard boiled egg instead of your daily "emergency" pastry could save you up to calories a day, which is just shy of 17 pounds a year, saved. On average, a slice of cheesewhether it be atop a sandwich, salad, omelet or burgerhas about 70 calories. Eliminate it from just three meals a week to keep 10, calories and keep 3 pounds off of your frame over the course of the year.

You may miss your Colby Jack and turkey wrap at first, but if you load up your bread with veggies and a thin swipe of hummus or guac, you won't miss it in the long haulpromise! While we're all for standing more throughout the day, when it comes to eating, it's best to grab a seat.

Research indicates that people who stand while eating gobble down 30 percent more during their next meal than those who sit! Scientists speculate that when we eat on our feet, we don't consider it a "real meal" and subconsciously eat later in the day.

If you currently consume a calorie dinner, you could easily bring that number down to just by making time for sit-down lunch. That translates to 9 pounds lost over a course of a year. These small tweaks to your daily routine can help you shed weight more quickly than you ever imagined! Give them all a read and then decide which one is most do-able for you.

In an Endocrine Society study of more than participants, researchers found that losing a mere 30 minutes of shut-eye increased the risk of obesity by 17 percent! An additional study found that sleep-deprived people consume about more calories a day than their well-rested counterparts. Hit the sheets a half hour early to help tame the waist-expanding firedoing so just twice a week could easily save you 9 pounds a year.

You already know that stressing out is bad for your health, but did you know that pulling your hair out also wreaks havoc on your metabolism? One Ohio State University study found that in the 24 hours following a stressful event, women burn fewer calories than more chillaxed ladies in the seven hours following eating the high-fat meala difference that could result in weight gain of almost 11 pounds in one year.

Find effective ways to keep your cool to help those excess pounds stay off of your frame. Text a friend, hit the gym, go for a walk, take a bath, or sip tea.

If riding an elevator is part of your daily office routine, head to the stairwell. Spending just 10 minutes a day going up and down the stairs burns about 80 calories, which translates to calories a week and 6 pounds a year! But the good news doesn't stop there: Harvard research indicates that regularly taking the stairs can decrease the mortality rate by up to 32 percent. For every hour of TV you watch, you'll see about 14 minutes and 15 seconds of commercials, according to global information and measurement company Nielsen.

Instead of using that time to check out another channel or worse, refill the chip bowl, stand up and do some jumping jacks. Spending 14 minutes a day jumping around blasts away 71 calorieswhich translates to a 7-pound weight loss over the course of a year. Want to lose weight and save cash on gas all in one shot? Vow to leave the car at home and walk to any errands that are less than one mile away.

If you live away from the center of town the vow to drive to a location where you can run several errands by foot. Adding just 40 minutes of walking to your routine each week could help you lose about 3 pounds a year.

Forget the suit and tie, leave the heels at home and if your office culture allows, make every day casual Friday. A study by The American Council on Exercise suggests casual clothing, as opposed to conventional business attire, can increase physical activity levels in our daily routines.

Participants in the study took an additional steps and burned 25 more calories on days they wore denim than when wearing traditional suit wear. That may sound trivial, but the calories add up! Researchers say keeping it casual just once a week could slash 6, calories over the course of the yearenough to offset the average annual weight gain 0. Some experts estimate that leaving just one bite behind at each meal could save you about 75 calories a day.

That adds up to nearly an 8-pound weight loss in one year! Adding just one fun physical activity to your weekly routine can help you shed between 4 and 9 pounds from your frame in just a year! Already hitting the gym on the reg? Now get more bang for your calorie-burning buck by adding one of these fitness turbochargers to your routine. Getting to the gym for yoga twice a week is an awesome way to stay stress-free and lose 10 pounds, or more!

But running to your class can take your calorie burnand weight lossto the next level. While a pound woman burns about calories in minute yoga class, running twenty minutes to get there will incinerate an additional calories. The result: You'll find yourself 9 pounds lighter in just 12 months!

And after your workout, don't forget to refuel with one of these delicious, muscle-building protein shakes. To accelerate your weight loss, accelerate your speed. Interspersing short, all-out sprints with brief periods of rest is the most effective form of cardio for fat loss. Try a 2-to-1 "work-to-rest" ratio, meaning, sprint two times longer than you rest.

So if you run a 1-minute sprint, then walk for 2-minutes and then repeat the pattern until you hit the minute mark. A pound person using this approach to cardio will burn off 60 more calories than running at a steady pace.

Add two sprint days to your weekly fitness regimen and you could lose 2 pounds in a year. Jamming out to music while you exercise could increase your enduranceand subsequent calorie burn by up to 15 percent, say Brunel University researchers.

Researchers hypothesize that music wards off fatigue and makes fitness buffs feel like they can do anything they put their mind to.

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