How to make a race bib display

DIY Race Bib and Medal Display Projects

How to make a race bib display

how to make a race bib display

What To Do With Your Old Race Bibs

Jul 29, †Ј Creative Ways to Display Race Medals and Bibs - RunToTheFinish | 12th Jul 15 [ ] get ready for this awesome idea from Half Crazy by step instructions to make your own race bib tote bag on K and J freenicedating.comally, I was [ ]. Jan 29, †Ј Bib Combo Ц The bibs and medals, plus a place to mark progress is a pretty awesome option; Runner Metal Ц This is simple and streamlined yup itТs one I have. How to display race bibs? I feel like race medal displays get all the glory, but for me I am far more attached to my bib.

My family and I love to run and participate in community races for both fun and fitness. Over the past few years, we have gathered several race bibs so I decided to display all of the hard work our family has put in. As you can see from the photo above, my race bibs and medals are a bit of a mess!

I decided on three separate projects that Andy warhol so what quote would combine together to make the wall display that I had in mind. My first race was a Half Marathon. I diligently trained for the run and by the time howw day came around I was pumped! The race atmosphere was fun and exciting and a bit sentimental. Racs the race began I cried at the end of the second mile because in all my life I had never run more than this with so much passion and purpose.

So, our first bibs need a bit more attention! It just so happened that I had a frame laying around that my kids knocked off the wall and broke the glass Ч perfect!

However, I am always on the lookout for old picture frames or less expensive ones. Garage sales and thrift stores are a great place to start, but if you are wanting something more specific, try looking here. This one is really easy to make. Tape the bibs to a mat or the outside edging of how to use mini dv spy camera frame and then hang on the wall. Easy and Frugal!! This was a FUN project to do!!

To begin with, I used a hammer to pound in the sawtooth picture frame hangers. Next, I had my niece help me cut out and lay bib pieces on the word RUN. Get a fun collage going by curring out the numbers, symbols, and graphics of each of the bibs. I decided to use a few that both my husband and I ran so there was a duplicate. After we started getting a collage together we painted with Mod Podge to get the race bib pieces to stick to the cardboard letters. Once the collage was put together Rce put another layer of Mod Podge on it to even it out and make sure that all of the pieces were flattened out.

Allow the Mod Podge layer to dry and then hang on the wall. This was racf bit time consuming, but nostalgic in the process because I got to talk about all hiw the races we had done with each of the bibs that were cut up.

Determine what size of board you will want to display on your wall. Arrange your bibs and medals where you will want them to be displayed. Screw in the mug hooks to hold the medals and bibs. Most bibs will already have holes punched in them from the race, and are typically the nake width so you should be good how to play a marksman hunter measure based off of where the holes are. Find all our DIY crafts djsplay Your email address will not be published.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

As a runner I proudly display my medals, but my race bibs were just getting stacked on a shelf. I started to brainstorm a fun craft project that I could to do with race bibs that would help display them. I found these big letters at a craft store and figured I would Mod Podge some of my race bibs on them. You can also get wood letters on Amazon. See link below. After arranging the bibs in a way that made me happy I Mod Podged them on. I had fun doing this race bib craft project and it was relatively easy.

This is a really fun way to display some of my favorite bibs. Here are the supplies you need:. Want to come back to this? Pin it for later! Would love to share the picture with you if possible! Thanks for the idea!

So glad!!! I would love to see. Love the idea! I am also starting to stuck up in bibs. I thought making a quilt but quite didnt look that good. This is so cute!! I may have to do something like this when I have a dedicated space to display my bibs!! So fun! What a great idea! Thanks for the idea. Really great idea! I just hang them up in the garage but I think I need to do something more creative.

This is cute! I love this!! I was trying to figure out a cute idea for my bibs. Mine are mostly wrinkled up too which might look pretty cool displayed this way!

Most of mine were super wrinkled and I think it helps add character with the Mod Podge. Love this idea. Guess that just gives me one more reason to do some more races. This is an awesome idea! And so inexpensive! I used 6 for each letter, but a lot of the bibs are runDisney ones which tend to be a little larger than normal bibs.

This is such a great idea!!! Much better display than in the shoe boxes mine have lived in over the years! Love it!!!! Can u tell me the dimensions of the letters. I want to do this but I think the letters I got are too small. Thank you for sharing. The letters I used are 18 inches. The key is making sure they are thick enough to be able to show off a good amount of the bib. I think its adorable though and I want to make one for myself! Oh this is a brilliant idea! I Love this!

Can you tell me with a little more detail, how you wrapped the letters? One at a time? Did you cut the bibs in the middle to wrap them?

Thanks for helping this non creative Mom! I laid them out to get an idea of how they would work and then did the modge podge and put them on one by one.

I cut slits for the bibs to wrap around the letters and used a glue gun on the sides to hold the bibs in place. I used modge podge all over, but since the bibs are are pretty stiff I used a hot glue gun on the sides. Great idea!! Step by step instructions to make your own race bib tote bag on K and J Colorado. Personally, I was [Е].

I used It depends on the size letters you get and the size of the bibs. I used a lot of runDisney bibs which tend to be a little larger than most bibs.

I always love to save my race bib but never know what to do with [Е]. Toggle navigation. Half Crazy Mama 23rd Feb 16 Yay!!! Half Crazy Mama 10th Mar 15 I wrapped the bibs around where needed and used a glue gun for the sides and back. Rose 29th Jul 14 Love. Half Crazy Mama 29th Jul 14 I agree. Jessie 29th Jul 14 So fun! Half Crazy Mama 29th Jul 14 Lol! What an awesome idea! Amanda 29th Jul 14 Really great idea! Half Crazy Mama 29th Jul 14 Thank you! Kristen M 30th Jul 14 These letters look great.

Thanks for the fun idea! Totally pinning this! Ganeeban 31st Jul 14 This is way too cute, thanks for sharing! Half Crazy Mama 1st Aug 14 My pleasure! Coco 2nd Aug 14 This is fantastic!

Kim 13th Aug 14 Love this idea. Pat 25th Sep 14 Thinking it could be a great coaches gift! Thanks for sharing. Half Crazy Mama 26th Sep 14 Enjoy!!! Margaret 26th Oct 14 This is an awesome idea! Half Crazy Mama 27th Oct 14 I used 6 for each letter, but a lot of the bibs are runDisney ones which tend to be a little larger than normal bibs.

Ashley 8th Nov 14 This is such a great idea!!! Denisse 4th Dec 14 Love it!!!! Katie Louise Halsall 25th Dec 14 Oh this is a brilliant idea! Diane marks 7th Feb 15 I Love this! Half Crazy Mama 7th Feb 15 I laid them out to get an idea of how they would work and then did the modge podge and put them on one by one.

Sorry not very crafty but love this idea. Half Crazy Mama 30th Jun 15 I used modge podge all over, but since the bibs are are pretty stiff I used a hot glue gun on the sides. Tips for Getting Started with Evernote from An Unapologetic Fangirl MaryAnn McKibben Dana 21st Apr 15 [Е] can look at these later and, if I wish, can get them professionally printed and do one of those artsy-crafty bib display projects.

Amy Kelsch 28th May 15 Love this idea! I am new to your site. It is a ton of fun! Half Crazy Mama 28th May 15 Thank you!!! Sara 24th Aug 15 I love this! How many bibs did you end up using? Half Crazy Mama 25th Aug 15 I used Follow me on instagram. All rights reserved.

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