How to make your own dog tags

how to make your own dog tags

Personalized Dog ID Tags

May 10, Paper Dog Tags: For these DIY dog tags, I used contact paper, wrapping paper, and Mod Podge to create the designs I wanted. You will also need a craft knife to help with the cutting and maybe a stencil if your hand is a little shaky. Laminating the dog tag when done will help to . Build Your Own Dog Tags We make it easy to order great military-style dog tags! Use the Dog Tag Builder below to specify what you want your tags to say, how many you want to order, and any attachments you need. If you'd like more information or if you have questions, email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at

Dg your tags with a counter variable. Click for changes to take effect. Learn more here. Hole on Right Certain Historical Eras. The Add To Cart button will appear after 1 st Update. Stamped fonts are mechanically pressed into the metal causing the letters to be either Embossed above or Debossed below the surface.

The Embossed stamped font is the most popular font as it is current hiw. This modern military font is the most popular, select this if you are unsure. Can be darkened. Larger than regular mil-spec font makes it easier to read. Use as mini Braille signs or tags ma,e the blind. Laser engraved characters are burnt tl the surface of the metal. If you need a logo or special characters see our Custom Laser Options. To increase from 6 how to setup dsl modem and router 8 lines and to fit more characters per line use Advanced Layout Options under Step 1 and set the font size to Smaller.

New Roman Manuscript style without serifs, fixed-width monospaced, 2mm or 2. With this font you dof buying a single tag with double-sided text. Entire Windows Character Set. Cursive Handwriting style, fixed-width monospaced, 2mm or 2. Typewriter style with serifs, fixed-width monospaced, 2mm or 2. Military Font - fixed-size 2mm x 3mm uppercase.

Click on the image hwo the Dog Tag style you want to make then click to see a preview. Click for sample photos or for detailed specifications. Tags can be flipped and rotated using Advanced Layout Options in Step 1. How to make your own dog tags and Pre-Assembly can be selected in Step 6. Tag compatible fonts can be selected in Step It appears your browser Javascript is disabled.

Stainless Steel Dull Finish. Most popular Dog Tag, choose this dof unsure. Hole and rolled edge ro be re-oriented. Complies with military specifications. Stainless Steel Reflective Finish.

For Sponsored events and groups of MyDogtag. Notch, hole, and rolled edge can be re-oriented. Traditionally used with indented debossing type. Stainless Steel Matte finish. Laser engraved using the same oown method used by the Canadian military. Unofficial replica of CF identity disc. Flipside can be engraved at no extra cost. Laser engraved unofficial replica of What is legally blind number identity disc dogtag.

Embossed text is overlayed over top. Mil-Spec red anodized aluminum, rectangular shape. Worn alongside regular dogtags to provide essential medical alert information. Ideal to alert medical info.

Embossed text is overlayed through image. Embossed text is overlayed through image and is harder to read than steel tags. Use it to show that you've been vaxed. Steel Matte Finish. Brass Shiny Finish. Matte Steel Finish. Cannabis sativa leaf leaf embossed in corner, ideal for medical marijuana users. Black Electroplated Stainless Steel. Black finish will NOT flake off or chip! Text is harder to read compared to steel dogtags. Ideal for spec-ops. Black Painted Stainless Steel.

Black enamel tags with silver colored oen characters which are easier to read than regular black tags. NOT military spec! May chip or flake. High carbon content tag with fast oxidizing dull finish. These are NOT stainless! They are high carbon, magnetic, and WILL rust quickly in humid environments giving an aged antiquated battle-worn look.

Solid Copper, surface may gradually patinate. Similar in color to 'Rose Gold'. Softer metal bends and warps more easily. Solid Brass shiny surface, may gradually patinate. Red Anodized Aluminum. Half the weight of steel tags. Stainless Steel Shiny Finish. Ideal for small pets! Stainless steel Shiny finish. Stainless steel Dull yur. Cannot be customized, flipside is blank. Can be Laser engraved with your dog's information. Both sides can be customized. The classic gaming controller, ideal for Gamers!

D-pad and buttons are embossed! Goes great with a Gamer Army patch. Brushed stainless steel, 3mm thick. Cannot be customized. Stainless Steel Dull Finish with 2 holes. Ideal for non-dangling youe pet tags, nameplates, or leather wrist cuffs.

Solid Brass shiny surface with 2 holes, may tagd. Ideal for no-dangle riveted pet tags, nameplates, or leather wristcuff. Stainless Steel Dull Finish with 2 slots.

Ideal for crabtraps and equipment using zipties or other thin straps. Slots are taggs x 2mm. Stainless Steel Matte Finish with 4 holes. Standard CR credit card size measuring 3. Stainless Steel Matte Finish with 2 holes. Standard CR size measuring 3. Anodized aluminum. Use as a backup for your original paper SS card. Not to be used as official identification. Perfect for sweethearts.

Text is overlayed over image. As per protocol the flag is oriented so that when the tag is hanging vertically on a chain the union is in the uppermost left. Special for July 4. You can choose to Emboss 'Don't Tread on Me'. Tag for military sweethearts.

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Design & order your own Customized Military Grade Dog Tags with the online Dog Tag Generator! Choose from a wide array of Dog Tag styles, fonts, silencers, and ballchains from only $ Your customizable Dog Tags set includes your choice of: 2 Customized embossed Mil-Spec Matte Dog Tags. 2 Stainless Steel Ball-chains or fasteners. Jul 03, If you have a dog, youll need a tag for the collar in case your pet gets lost and somebody finds it. You neednt buy a tag when you can easily make it spending just a few minutes and using some simple pieces. You can just print the data on the cardstock and punch it to the collar; take a ready one and decorate it as you like. Create your own custom dog tags through our easy to use Design Tools. You can add text, upload images or search through our clip art images. All tags can contain a tag on the front and back. Makes a great option for personalized gifts.

If you're concerned about having enough 3-D printing experience or not being able to follow these directions, do not fear. Everything mapped out will be at a beginner's level. After you make your account, login and click "create new design. Add two of these shapes into your workspace by simply dragging them into the blue space. These are the only shapes you are going to need for this project. Now, we are going to set up the workspace so that it is in inches.

In the height and width sections, type 5 in both boxes. This will give you a square grid to work with that will help you visualize just how big the pet tag will be. Now that your workspace is set, we are going to create the actual dog tag. Simply drag the point until it reaches the specific size needed.

You can also click on the white box to type in a size if you want. View the pictures labeled 2 and 3 above this step for reference. Image 2 shows the length proportion and image 3 shows the width proportions. Simply select the shape and use the points to resize it. See the image above this step labeled 4.

This aspect is a little more challenging than the previous steps. At this point, we are going to change views. Then, drag your smaller shape into your larger shape as pictured in image 6 above. Now we are going to group the two shapes together to create the whole. Do not drag far enough to include the text shape. Once both are selected, we will be grouping them together. Select the icon that looks like a square and a circle combined in the upper right-hand corner. If you can't find it, it is circled in image 7 above.

Next, you are going to add your pet's name. Because you already have the text shape in your workspace, this step will be simple. In the upper right area, demonstrated in image 9, you will see that you can change the content of the text by typing in the box that is circled. Here, you will type in your pet's name. My foster dog's name is Blue. Now we are going to resize the text. The first thing you should do is chose the middle point on the right size to edit the length.

Mine is one inch, but yours may have to be smaller or larger depending on how many letters are in your pet's name. Again, you may have to choose a different size if your pet's name is longer or shorter. Don't even think about exporting your file before you group your objects together. If you forget to do this step, your object may have a printing malfunction. As shown in image 13, click the "group" button again. This will group your object together. Now that you have the object grouped together, it's time to save the file.

It's important to save the file in the right extension for your 3D print job. Because I will be printing through the library at the University of Florida, I chose the. STL extension. In image 14, you will see that I have circled the "export" button in the upper right corner.

Click on that. If you go to the University of Florida, one of the easiest options is to submit your print request to the Marston Science Library. You will need to include your UFID number along with some information about your project. Marston prefers to have the download as a. STL file. After you submit your request, they will send you a quote regarding its cost.

Marston Science Library will not print your design until you pay for it. They will email you when your design has been processed to pay for it and when it is ready for pickup. You can also check out a 3-D printer through Marston and print your own design.

This process is a little bit more challenging, as you will need to download the correct software to your computer and follow the instructions given by the UF library. Sometimes errors occur within the printing process, such as device malfunctions, so I wouldn't recommend checking out a printer unless you are a quick learner or a very patient person.

On the plus side however, checking out your own 3-D printer will be free for small projects because UF provides a spool of filament. Research your accessibility to a 3-D printer in your area before you begin. If you don't have access to one, there are companies online that will print for you. As a disclaimer, my name tag printed in a slightly less oval shape than shown in the demonstration. This is because I remade the process of designing the shape in order to capture screen shots of the screen for your ease.

You are more than welcome to make your shape a star, a heart, a square, a rectangle, or anything you'd like. The only materials you will need are paint brushes and acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are relatively cheap and adhere easily to the 3-D printed filament. I purchased mine at Michaels and Walmart. To paint your pet's name tag, you will only need four layers.

You will need two coats of your base color and two coats of the text color. It is relatively easy and adds a great personal touch if that's something you are interested in doing.

You are free to add whichever kind of clip or hook you want, my dog has a harness so I added a clip to my tag. Once he discovered it was not a snack, he wanted no interest in it, but I wish you the best of luck with your good boys and good girls. Over the years Wifey and I have had numerous rescues whose ashes now reside in various boxes on shelves in my office. Your idea can also be used to make name tags for these urns. Below is our Smoochy with whom the three dogs we also have get long very well.

By JamieA71 Follow. Having an organized workspace is the easiest way to set yourself up for success. In the dropdown menu for units, select inches instead of millimeters.

Because your workspace is in inches, this will be easy. Select the shape. Click on the point shown in the pictures above to adjust the size. Go ahead and click on that. Now your shape is transparent. Your pet tag will now have a hole in it. It should look like mine in image 8. Start out by clicking on the blue text shape. Drag the name over your name tag shape.

This is fine for any name. Drag your mouse over your name tag with the text on top of it. A dialogue box will pop up to save your extension. I chose the. The file will immediately download to your computer. You can use as many colors as you like, I only needed two for my pet tag. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. Kid Name Circle Board by julien. Kink Jarfold 2 years ago on Step 8.

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