How to paint a lamp shade diy

DIY Colorful Painted Lampshade

How to paint a lamp shade diy

how to paint a lamp shade diy

Paint lampshade

Jan 6, - Explore Ann P Mahon's board "Paint lampshade" on Pinterest. See more ideas about painting lamp shades, lampshade makeover, diy lamp shade pins. Start Painting. When you are prepped and ready, follow these steps to refresh your crafty DIY lampshade. Unplug your lamp and remove the lampshade. You could leave your lampshade attached to the lamp if it gives you a sturdier painting area.

If you hoe something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. At shhade you may find yourself staring at a favorite lamp that is diiy clashing with your new decor. The first question that comes to mind might can you paint a lampshade and, if so, how difficult it would be. Surprisingly, how to paint a lampshade is not difficult, and is a perfect DIY project for you to tackle. We walk you through the exact steps you need to paint your lampshade.

When you are ready to tackle painting a lampshade then you will need to first begin by preparing your tools and the lampshade. If you are shopping for paint in your local hardware pzint, then take a moment to speak with shad paint professionals to see if your painf will be compatible with the type of lampshade you are painting.

Figuring out how to paint a lampshade is a really easy and great first DIY project for your kids to lend a hand in. You can also opt for a brush free painting session if you choose to use spray paint. Using a plastic grocery or trash bag is a quick and easy way to cover the top and protect the inside since it is large.

Just apply painters tape around the top to cover and seal the inside. Choosing a lighter color will allow the light from your lamp to still shine through, adding more light into the room.

Using a darker color will trap the light in and make it a more focused light that shines paiht through the pain and bottom what is potassium citrate used to treat. If you are spray painting then it is best to paint outside since the droplets can splatter on other surfaces.

For hand painting with a brush then you can do it inside. If you are nervous about how this fun DIY craft will turn out, then purchase cheap lampshades and take the day painting them various ways instead of risking your expensive lampshades. If you want to do more than just a single colored coat then you can easily add more flare to your project without having to be a master artist.

Try out these tricks to add some extra pizazz to your lampshades. Instead of freehand painting, and risking messing up the design, tape a picture of the design inside the lampshade.

This will only work if you are using a light colored shade that allows oaint image to shine through once the light is on. Use a small paint brush and acrylic paint to trace the design onto the lampshade. Allow your design to dry and remove the inside paper. Making stripes can seem simple, but shad crisp lines can be difficult even with the steadiest hand. Make sure that you let the paint fully dry before you apply more painters tape how to remove stains on microfiber couch already painted areas.

Now that you are full of ideas for how to paint a lampshade go and brighten up your room with a new pop of color or a fun design. Shadde Moldvay is a freelance writer from Virginia and the mother of one not always sweet little girl.

She specializes in trying to help others find easier ways to clean, manage the home and save money with DIY projects. Lauren Moldvay Lauren Moldvay is a freelance writer from Virginia and the mother of one not always sweet little girl.

Enlighten Your Space with these DIY Lamp Shade Ideas

Step 4 – Place the Lampshade & Paint. Put the lampshade in the middle of the surface which is covered. Turn the lampshade gently as you paint in the design. Be sure you have enough light to see the areas that you want to paint. Hint: If you can place the lampshade on a lazy Susan, that will let you rotate it easily while not having to. Oct 05,  · This DIY Lampshade could not be an easier project. HOW TO PAINT A DIY LAMPSHADE: First, don’t be nervous to paint a colorful lampshade! Simply color by color, I added layers of splots, lines and dots. Sometimes it can be hard to be random and abstract but have fun creating this happy whimsical pattern inspired by my shade. Mar 25, - Explore Bassam Kbrt's board "Painting lamp shades" on Pinterest. See more ideas about lamp shades, diy lamp shade, diy lamp.

Light fixtures, too. Anything that lights and includes a shade is what I gravitate to. Details are important and you can upscale any lamp shade with ribbons or trims, and even some paint. As I like to change things up, sometimes more often than not. But in my defense, I love to change things up a bit. From thumbing through interior design magazines and books, to watching design shows on TV and YouTube, I always seem to study lampshades. Go figure. So I got busy and starting researching and looking for chandelier shades that I had in my mind.

Thing is, holy price tag. Our chandelier has 8 arms, so that would certainly add up quickly. Let me back up for just a minute and come to the defense of the current shades. Over it. But then my wheels started turning.

What if I could just paint these fabric shades? Then I started mulling over types of paint. Brushing it on was ruled out immediately. Even coverage would be impossible with that method. And, would run the risk of the paint looking caked on.

I needed the paint to look soft, as if the fabric was that color to begin with. I consulted a friend of mine who is an amazing floral designer, and he agreed. Give it a shot, he said. Why not lampshades. I went for a navy spray, and I went ahead and sprayed over the black cording, which in my opinion, gave the shade even more of a finished look. I ordered the floral spray paint from here. First, you want to make sure the fabric is free of dust and lint. To do this, simply use a lint roller or tape to remove all the fuzz.

Shake the spray can vigorously for two minutes, which is what the directions on the can state. Pays to follow this step. In even strokes, spray the shades, making sure you spray the underside as well. You can certainly correct the error if you do, but it will take a lot more time and thoroughness. Trust me on this because I rushed on one shade and paid the time-price.

Spray from side to side, moving your arm kinda quickly. Turn shade and spray from side to side again. Make sense? Trust me on this too, I learned this for you. Who knew floral spray paint would hold the secret to spraying fabrics. Although my new shades cost me a couple cans of floral spray paint. I have eight 6-inch lamp shades on my dining room light fixture, and I used two cans of floral spray paint. I was also considering a pretty grey flannel color to spray the shades, as flannel everything is trending right now, and so classic and pretty.

You can find a similar one here. The shades look awesome! You are such an inspiration with your projects and tips. A few years ago I was spray painting a number of items. The finger on the nozzle definitely can be an issue. I picked up a snap and spray gun at a craft store. It snaps on to the metal rim around the nozzle of a spray can and a plunger pushes the nozzle when I pulled the trigger. It helped so much with finger fatigue and control.

Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and tips for execution. The shades look great! I was just wondering how many cans of paint you needed. I have a chandelier with eleven shades. Approximately how many shades can I cover per can? I used two cans of spray paint plus very very little of a third. For your 11 shades, I would suggest 3 cans of floral spray paint, but buy a 4th, just in case. I have lamp shades just like this and am so doing this! Absolutely follow this how-to for your lampshades!

Oh my Goodness!!!! Hi Michelle, Yes! Floral spray paint works beautifully on fabric. In no time, your lampshades will look like new again!! I love the beautiful richness of your lamp shades. What a gorgeous transformation.

I have needed this tutorial. I have a shade that needs some sort of fresh looks. This is just the answer I have been looking for. I have No doubt in my mind that your lampshade will look beautiful when you are done. Brooke, I love this idea because I have some shades I would love to paint.

Thank you for letting us know what type of spray paint to use. I love this post, Brooke! I can tell you I would have never thought of trying flower paint. I have never even heard of this paint, so that was the first great tip. I would not have thought to paint them. I love the navy colour you chose. Floral spray paint??? Thanks for introducing this interesting find! These turned out fantastic! Ihave spray painted silk flowers with regualr spray paint but they get hard and almost canvas ike.

Which is great if thats what you are looking for. I wil look for floral spray for my fabric projects! Wow- I knew there are those out there brave enough to spray furniture and cushions — never thought of lamp shades! Mainly because — well — are they heat safe? When we host dinner parties our chandy with shades is on the entire time. The shades are heat safe, but I would like to suggest that you use LED bulbs. They come in dimmable chandelier bulbs, which is a win win.

Warm lighting and all. Hi Brooke, I am wondering if you could give me advice on how to clean a lamp shade that has faded over time and has many stains on it. It has also been sitting in a basement for years and may have mold on it. While I hope to clean it to get it back to its original condition I would consider painting it for sure. I just need to make sure that I can get rid of any mold there may be.

Any ideas for this project? Thank you, Maureen. Hi Maureen, here is what I would suggest: To clean the shade, bleach would be your only option to remove the mold.

Apply a solution of one part bleach to three parts water to the stain and mold, and allow the solution to sit for a few minutes. Then I would follow up with a light brushing of laundry detergent, then wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

I thought you wrote that you spray-painted right over it. How did they stay black? The trim stayed black because black is darker than navy blue, therefore a dominant color. Can the floral paint be used on Larger shades table lamps and what about painting over a darker color? Yes, you can absolutely spray on larger shades.

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