How to read cards using playing cards

Reading with Playing Cards

How to read cards using playing cards

how to read cards using playing cards

Simple Methods of Divination Using Playing Cards

Reading with playing cards is easy because the tarot layouts and divinatory meanings are easy to adapt to reading regular playing cards. Clubs = Wands, Hearts = Cups, Diamonds = Coins, and Spades = Swords. To do a reading, simply shuffle and cut in your usual method, and deal the spread of your choice. Here is one method. Mar 16, †Ј They can also be used to indicate timing and describe physical appearance of people. Here are some quick keyword meanings of playing cards. Hearts: love, relationships, feelings. Ace of Hearts: new love, friendship. 2 of Hearts: happiness in a partnership. 3 of Hearts: .

No problem! And guess what? You can read playing cards just as well as tarot. In fact, playing cards have been used by fortune tellers and conjurors for centuries.

Cardds is a great form of divination for those who want to keep their practices secret or discreet, as well. Learn how to do a tarot instructions on how to make a cup of coffee with playing cards here. Tarot cards and playing cards today are carss two different things. But the origins of both are basically one-in-the-same.

History dates the origin of playing cards to the late fourteenth century in Italy. These playing cards, called Triumph and Trump cards, were plyaing as a simple parlor game and were a game for the wealthy. Nobility commissioned artists to paint dead playing olaying decks for them. One example, still in existence today, is the Visconti-Sforza deck.

Some sources claim these Italian playing cards initially consisted of just the four suits in Tarot called the Minor Arcana : swords, staves, coins and cups. These Triumph cards would come to be called Tarrochi in French Ч Tarot.

He goes on to say these mystical cards made their way into Europe via the Arabs, Moors and Romany people. And may have also originated in ancient Egypt with the Book of Thoth. Although reading playing cards as tarot cardz a common practice in Italy and France, the Romani gypsies are often credited with the practice. This may be because the Romany people are believed to have come from India, making their way through Egypt, and then into Europe in antiquity.

They brought their fortune telling customs with them, possibly picking up new methods along the way including cartomancy. Did they originally use cards from India or adapt the practice after traveling through Egypt and Europe? At first glance, a pack of playing cards looks rather different than a deck of Tarot cards.

But look closer Ч they have much of the same symbolism. The four suits of playing cards are equivalent to the four suits of the Tarot minor arcana. Plsying are 52 cards in a regular playing deck and 13 cards in each suit. There are no cards in a regular playing deck to correspond to the tarot Major Carfs, which is the biggest difference between the two.

A 3 card oracle reading to answer ONE question. Photo and typed document of the reading is what you cadrs receive.

Within each suit of playing cards are the court cards: King, Queen, and Jack. Each of these court cards correspond to the King, Queen and Page in the tarot minor arcana. The King generally represents an older adult male, wise and strong. The Queen represents an older adult rewd, mother or matriarch. And the Jack Page represents a younger male or female, who is in the process of learning and growing.

Easy enough, right? But what about the Joker? The Joker is the only card in the deck that corresponds to one of the tarot Major Arcana cards Ч The Fool. You can remove this card, or keep it in Ч the choice is yours. Just as The Fool in the Tarot. Tarot reading with playing cards takes a deep look at the numbers and their symbolism i.

Then there are 13 cards in each suit, which corresponds to 13 lunar cycles in a year. But if you gain a basic understanding of the meaning of each number, you can build onto your reading skills from there applying the colors, suits, etc. Everything in a deck of playing cards symbolizes something deeper. The hoe of colors, how is an octagonal prism related to mathematics black and uxing correlate to night and day.

The way you do how to read cards using playing cards tarot reading with playing cards is ultimately dependent on your practice and preferences. Play around with different spreads; there are literally hundreds of tarot card spread ideas on Pinterest! Here we dig into shuffling and some basic card cagds. There are different ways to shuffle cards including: hand over hand method or the riffle shuffle.

But do what feels comfortable to you. A video showing ways of shuffling cards is posted below for your convenience. Some readers cut the deck exactly three times and shuffle again. Or they cut the deck as many times as they how to tape a tennis ball for cricket for the spread. As mentioned in the video above, you how to make a pirate costume for men also do the ribbon spread and wave and choose as many cards as you need.

Plaging are SO many ways to shuffle and cut the deck! The playin and I think most effective spreads are one-card pulls and three-card spreads. A one-card pull is simply that Ч pulling one card from the deck to answer your question or gain a message. Three card spreads include:.

Past left : The Queen of Spades confirms this woman was very much focused on education and attained a degree Spades being the suit of the Mind. Present middle : The seven of hearts shows this young woman has been dreaming of a new lover, now that she has fards to focus on her personal what is wan acceleration technology her schooling is over.

Another easy spread to use is the ribbon playin. Fan out the cards. Wave your hand over the entire spread from left to right and allow the energy of the cards to pull on your hand. Then pull the card that your hand feels drawn to. For this example, our reader is drawing a card for herself. She wants to know what area of life she rewd focus on now. The four of clubs indicate she should focus on building a foundation of spiritual beliefs. Yes, the cards each have a meaning, in their colors, suits, and numbers.

Listen caards that first thought that pops up in your mind, allow yourself to feel that first feeling. Or hear that first word. The cards and all forms of divination are simply tools to help you connect with the otherworld and access divine information. I love this! I just asked my new The Wild Unknown deck this very question, and pulled carde World!

There are many plajing [Е]. Divination Tools June 21, The Italian Triumph Cards Some sources claim these Italian playing cards initially consisted of just the four how to read cards using playing cards in Tarot called the Minor Arcana : swords, staves, coins and cups. The Romani Gypsies and Playing Cards Although reading playing cards as tarot was a common practice in Italy and France, the Romani gypsies are often credited with the practice.

Main symbolism: love, friendship, ussingreas of the heart, emotion, intuition, family water element and feminine. Also relates to the season Spring. Main symbolism: ti of the mindintellect, power, action, change, courage, conflict, communication air element and masculine. Season Winter. Main symbolism: spiritual matterscore consciousness, personal values and goals, beliefs, passions, energy, enthusiasm, sexuality fire element and masculine.

Season is Summer. Main symbolism: financesprosperity, inheritance, career success, creativity, livelihood earth element and feminine. Season is Fall. Shop now. Previous How to block text bombs. Next Post.

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Card & Tarot Symbols

It is possible to read the destiny of a person using playing cards. The four signs Ц spade, heart, clubs, and diamonds are meaningful signs for a tarot reader. Given below are the symbols of playing cards that correspond with tarots. Spades Ц Represent the swords of tarot cards. A spade symbolizes death, misfortune, and personal loss. Jun 21, †Ј This is one of the easiest ways of tarot reading with playing cards using color: Shuffle your cards. Ask your deck a yes or no question. Flip over the top card. If itТs red, the answer is yes. If itТs black, the answer is no. i have this book on my kindle and its a book with simple,and clear interpretations, on how to get started reading with a deck of playing-cards,theres a good detailed explation on each suit,each card and what the numbers mean,and the picture cards too,theres some easy spreads given for you to try a easy book to read and follow for anyone,this Author has done a great job writing this,and /5(42).

Read on to learn about the fascinating history of Cartomancy and many other interesting facts about divination. Using a variety of methods Ч occult or otherwise Ч the diviner interprets signs or messages received during the process of divination, such as reading cards, signs perceived in dreams or magical meanings derived from oracles, runes and many other tools from various natural and supernatural devices. In contrast, Fortune Telling is usually a more laid back way of practicing, for everyday questions about mundane events or other concerns related to things such as love, career and money.

The answer depends on who is performing the divination and what method you prefer. Other than using playing cards, some people prefer the Tarot, while others like using Runes from Norse mythology or the I Ching Chinese mythology. One of the simplest types of divination involves the use of a pendulum. You can use elaborate drawings on a piece of paper to symbolize the problem or answer you wish to receive Ч where the swing of the pendulum will indicate the response.

Thread a 30 cm piece of string through a hole in the head of a key and then hold the thread between your thumb and middle finger, making sure to stop the initial swing by holding the key steady.

Generally believed to have originated in China, the playing cards we know of today also spread throughout India and Persia. From there they spread to Egypt and Europe Ч particularly Italy in the late 14 th Century. The use of playing cards for the purpose of divination is also linked with Tarot cards , where images of centuries old iconography is mixed with ancient symbolism and occult meaning.

With a standard deck of 52 cards, normal playing cards can be divided into sections for the purpose of divination. Basically Ч the court cards symbolize people in your life while the numbered cards represent events and phases.

The following video includes information about Playing Card Meanings and how to perform Cartomancy, which is Ч as you read above Ч the art of divination by reading and interpreting playing cards. Make sure you have a quiet place to conduct your reading, including a clean and cleared table or surface.

Think about your question or the situation you want information about. It stands to reason that a positive card equals a yes answer, or a person of influence, depending on the card. For a more detailed reading , you could do a three card spread, where the first card represents the past, the second card represents the present and the third card symbolizes the future.

Interpret their meanings according to the suit, etc. A more detailed reading could include categories such as your family, friends or others; what you desire for the future, your career and the overall outcome. Table of Contents 1 What is Divination?

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