How to slipstream sata drivers

how to slipstream sata drivers

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The reason you couldn't boot with Windows XP when the hard drive is set to AHCI is because your XP Installation CD doesn't include the SATA drivers. Generally you have to slipstream them using nLite or use a floppy disk and press F6 when booting (your unit won't have a floppy drive so you have to slipstream them). Apr 09,  · For my case in the Up, there is no SATA mode option in the BIOS so the AHCI mode is constantly enabled. This means I’ll definitely need extra AHCI drivers before installation. Step 3: Slipstream AHCI drivers into WinXP installation media to avoid F6 problem What is this F6 problem? This was a common problem even during the heydays of.

Support how to get your drivers permit in oklahoma Microsoft finally ended on 8 April after a record-setting This was unlike WinXP which was updated up to its final moments and even had an emergency patch after its support ended. Released in Octoberit is almost 15 years old today.

I was only 11 years old when this OS was released so you can imagine I pretty much spent much of my teen years using XP machines other than Red Hat Linux of course. Despite its age, XP continues to live on in embedded systems like ATMs, factory and medical machines where replacement costs and re-certification timelines makes them infeasible to be replaced in the near future.

An extreme example is how the year-old Windows 3. I work in a startup called Algoaccess where we deal with medical devices specifically optician-related ones. This means we actually need a Windows XP installation for testing purposes. No, virtual machines like VirtualBox or VMWare will not cut it, we need a native installation for realistic testing.

My company could easily procure a machine of an older era with full Windows XP drivers. There are guides like this where people have used an older system to install WinXP in But where is the fun in that?

I saw this as an opportunity to determine if it is really possible to install WinXP on a much newer system. It was also a good way to relive a bit of my childhood that way. First thoughts? Turns out things are not so easy to put WinXP on modern hardware. A photo to show that I have successfully installed WinXP on this machine abet with lots of missing drivers. If this laptop model was just one generation older aka Ivy Bridge, things would have been much easier.

I took many steps and trial-and-errors to how to slipstream sata drivers get WinXP on the system. So the methods I will detail here contains the finalised set of instructions for it to work.

No license, no installation as simple as that. It is impossible to obtain WinXP via normal retail channels as Microsoft has stopped selling it as of 30 June The deadline for OEM partners also ceased not long after. As Algoaccess is a startup of less than 5 years, we enrolled into Bizspark which gives us 3 years of free access to Microsoft software. MSDN provides legitimate software licenses and disk images of almost every Microsoft product.

Talk about going further down memory lane if you want to! There exists a 64 bit version of XP Pro but I rather not go that way as drivers for that are hard to find even in its era. Your BIOS settings must take care of these limitations. Another optional setting is SATA mode. AHCI will require extra drivers which have to be slipstreamed into the WinXP installation media which is in the next step.

This was a common problem even during the heydays of Windows XP. A more detailed post about this issue has been written by another blogger here. Windows XP also happens to be the last OS I believe to have its installation interface seem like a DOS-lookalike text-based installers of its predecessors. When you boot an original installation CD, this message will flash for about 3 seconds at the start.

This is where the issue got its name from. If you ignore this, you will still get another chance later. Seen in the context of that era, the floppy disk thing is quite understandable. If your hard disk controller is not recognised, your CD drive is holding the Windows CD and USB flash drives are not yet commonplace then what is left? The proper way if one does not have an internal floppy drive is to get a USB floppy drive, load the AHCI drivers into the floppy disk and proceed as per normal.

Believe me, I have tried this solution years before and it works provided if you have the right USB floppy chipset. More details on supported floppy chipsets in the same F6 explanation link. The more elegant solution however, is to inject the AHCI drivers directly into the installation media so WinXP can recognise your hard disk controller from the get go.

If one is using an older machine, getting the AHCI drivers is no biggie, just a download away from the Intel website. However, we are now using a more modern 8-Series chipset. Thankfully, a Google search brought a lifesaver.

Somebody has modded his own universal AHCI drivers with support for the newer chipsets. You can download the driver here or in the picture link below. Download older version of nLite 1. Just add everything in. OEM in the driver zip to see which is the correct driver for your Southbridge model to specifically slipstream in. We have to convert them to MBR. We shall use a partitioning tool called GParted to do the job.

Just download the ISO image and boot from it. The GParted program will start automatically on boot. You may be tempted to just restart and allow the XP installer create the partitions during the next install step. Modern Advanced Format drives from now use a 4KiB sector size instead of bytes which was the era where XP was designed. If your created partition is not aligned to 4KiB, which a legacy OS like XP will get wrong, you will have performance issues.

More details can be found here and here. Ensure that your first partition has a Free space preceding of 1 MiB to ensure how to play ave maria schubert on piano partition is aligned to the 4KiB boundary. Remember that in an MBR layout, you can have at most 4 primary partitions. This screen greets you at the start. Future Windows setups will no longer have this blue background with white text theme.

This is a legacy from the Windows 3. You can see the similarity how to slipstream sata drivers this Windows 3. The XP installer should now treat your hard disk controller as if it has recognised it from the day the image was made. It will reboot to the GUI installer after some time. Easiest Windows eh? Integrated CD recording was such a hit thing then, nobody ever does it today. At one point you can customise the how to slipstream sata drivers range option.

The default is which is awfully close already, you should change that to something further away. This window indicates your Setup process is coming to an end. This section was actually introduced in Service Pack 2 in to encourage more people to update Windows in response to greater security threats.

And we are almost done! Not totally, but successfully reaching the desktop is a major milestone in any OS installation. Look at the mass of missing drivers man. This laptop does not have a RJ45 ethernet adapter. I happened to purchase this USB 3. Without graphics drivers, the video performance of the OS will be very sluggish. The screen will occasionally flicker and frame rate is low when you do stuff like dragging the application window or scrolling in your web browser.

Many sources online claim Intel no longer supports it yet drivers seem to be floating around like here and here. ONLY if you finally cannot find driver for your video card I recommend you to use mine vbemp.

I happily used the VBE 3 version and am happy to report that things are much improved. Not as good as one by the manufacturer itself as there is no hardware acceleration but still much better performance than no driver at all.

The bluestone retaining wall how to build is also locked at maximum so be wary about straining your eyes if you are using a laptop. The HDMI output how to cook ulu breadfruit the laptop is also unusable.

However, USB 3. Although WinXP no longer has new updates, it does not mean we do not install the existing ones. Microsoft fortunately did not pull the product activation and update servers. Hundreds of updates await. NET frameworks that come with Windows Updates will also be useful. You can turn off Automatic Updates. Nevertheless, I found someone has made an unofficial Service Pack 4! Check it out here. A separate update that you might want to install is the exFat update which will allow you to handle external drives formatted with the exFAT file system.

The update was originally available here but Microsoft pulled the update file. Thankfully another blogger has downloaded a copy and is hosting it.

You might also want to install a patch to defend against the Wannacrypt attack if Windows Update does not do it for you. More details can be found in this Microsoft blog post. One of the first software you should install is a modern web browser.

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To do this, I need to change SATA controller mode from AHCI to RAID. The problem is that windows has no drivers for RAID and I can't install it while. Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, windows 7 Slipstream drivers to the install dvd/iso. 1. In this case, one needs to create a custom boot CD/USB that contains these drivers, but make sure that you start from a Windows ISO that is of the same level as the installation by getting the latest one (currently ). Here are some tutorials on how to slipstream drivers in Windows. Mar 29,  · My assumption is that the sata power cable, especially connected to other devices at the same time makes the electrical power inadequate to run 6 fans at the same time. So if you have two 3-packs of LL-fans, try spreding out the fans on different fan hubs, or connect the fan hub to a single sata power cable. Please respond if this fixed your.

All went very well 'till I noticed I am missing a mass storage controller driver and an "unknown device" driver. I have searched www. I could surely use your help, please.

I've been looking for these drivers for two days. Go to Solution. View solution in original post. Also there is one other thing you should install if you haven't already which is often overlooked:. Version 1. Generally you have to slipstream them using nLite or use a floppy disk and press F6 when booting your unit won't have a floppy drive so you have to slipstream them. I'll give 'er a try and get back with you.

Again, thank you for your quick response. Hi Philip. Your first link took care of my Mass Storage Controller. Thank you!! By the way, nice job on your web site. I'm adding it to my favorites. I don't know how to thank you. Everything you gave me, links included, worked perfectly! Now, I will do a restore image of the new Win.

XP installation so it doesn't take me three days to install, if there is a next time. Thanks, Philip. I guess as long as ATA performs as well as it appears to, I'll just leave well enough alone.

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Accepted Solutions. Glad to help. Reinstall all the same system drivers as before. Denny G. Thank you, Denny G. Thanks again, Philip, Denny G. Best to you and thanks for all your help. I don't know what I would have done without it. Dell Support Resources.

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