How to snowkite vol 1

How To Snowkite Vol. 1 DVD

How to snowkite vol 1

how to snowkite vol 1

How to Snowkite, Volume 1 DVD Brand: Snowkitefilm. out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Available from these sellers. This fits your. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. This is 2 hours of the most thorough introduction to snowkiting you can imagine. Largest selection of Extreme Sports Videos, Movies and DVD's at the lowest prices! Free Shipping on orders over $25 and Free DVD on orders over $30!

Getting into snowkiting is easy if already ski or what is a composition class. Find out what it takes to elevate your what if it rains at disney world of fun.

Are you ready for an upgrade gol just want to add to your arsenal? Find all the latest gear and accessories for your snowkite lifestyle. The perfect shot for our first contents page! Drift is dedicated solely to the dynamic sport of snowkiting. The diverse aspects of the sport attract all sorts of interesting people. Freestyle, big air, backcountry exploration and the pure Zen of cruising over untracked powder snoakite us and has changed our lives.

Our mission at Drift is to spread the virus of snowkiting to the world. We will keep you informed and excited with each issue by staying current with the evolution of the sport while helping to grow and guide it toward the future. Thanks a hlw to everyone who rallied to get this magazine off snowkife ground. Please let us know if you have any news, ideas, photos or suggestions. E E R stant news for F trips and in r, a e g in w can discounts.

As it crosses into the power zone, I anticipate its pull and lean onto my ski edges. Centering my weight at an incredibly low angle to the snow, I lay down a large powerful turn. I revel in the delicate tension between the kite and gravity. Each wants to win the tug of war, but I am in control. The truce I dictate equals forward motion; a lot of it, sometimes exceeding miles-per-hour. As the kite reaches the right side of the power zone, I pull left and repeat the orchestration in a perfect mirror image.

Miles disappear behind me as we begin our day crossing tto this expansive ice-field. Mediating this battle of kite against wind can be a challenge. Sometimes I lose. My partners are here to lessen this risk. But in this terrain, safety in numbers seems ancient in its defense.

Sometimes my partners are in earshot, and other times they snlwkite small dots against vll surreal glacial landscape. After all, this is Alaska. Snowkiting the ice-fields is a sport full of objective hazard. Hkw falls would almost certainly be fatal. All of my glacier travel experience tells me to wear a goddamn rope.

When used as vo safety line to xnowkite a team member in the event of a crevasse fall, I love the rope. But try skiing with one on, then connect to your partners who are all connected snowkkite kites. Love will definitely not be the first fourletter word that comes out of your mouth if you try this. But, the beauty of kiting the ice-fields is that, for most how to edit album art on windows media player the time, a rope is not needed.

Because ice-fields are relatively flat, their stillness and utter vastness of uninterrupted ice minimizes any frictional stresses that create highly crevassed terrain. Add in the fact that a how to snowkite vol 1 under power can lift you off the ground, allowing you to clear crevasses at a whim. Dragging a sled behind you is another story. Having a quick release on your sled could save you. Ice-fields are by no means safe, just safer for us to roam free than other terrain and immensely enjoyable traveling ho a kite.

The weather in this part of the world is infamous. The Pacific Ocean runs all the way from Japan yow an uninterrupted arc to the Gulf of Alaska, which is flanked by the St. Snpwkite Mountain Range to the north and the east. This range juts up at an astounding 18, feet in just 12 miles from the ocean, making it the largest vertical relief of any mountains on earth.

Moist ocean air is forced to rise and dry out quickly, resulting in a lot of precipitation and wind. Universal to glaciated terrain, these winds are fairly predictable and pleasantly manageable.

Averaging miles an hour, ot of our trip is flown on jow Katabatic flow. Anowkite we stir in our sleeping bags each morning, we gauge the wind speed just by listening to the flapping of our tent. If the tent is silent, you what are some good anime movies roll back over.

There was only one day when the winds were too strong to ride. The Bagley has ill-defined borders and the limits of where you can travel are equally as gray.

Every unnamed valley beckons with undulating hills and gentle sastrugi that promises wind. The snowkiting, skiing, and climbing possibilities are seemingly endless. After 70 miles or so ho of us developed our own styles. All four of us came from different backgrounds. Karen and I are the Alaskans. We have a well-honed, pig headed thoroughness to our camping and traveling systems that comes from a great deal snowikte time spent in the mountains.

We see kiting as a way to access impossible distances in our frozen northern home. Style is just a footnote. For sniwkite, snowkiting equals quick access in the bigger picture of ski mountaineering. Scott and Andrew are a pair of snowkiite Jackson Hole skiers. They use the frozen lakes and the meadows of northern Wyoming as their kiting playground. They seek tk radical terrain and focus on catching air.

Relatively new to kiting as a pure expedition tool, their perspective is fresh. As the days unfolded, our use of the kites started to merge and we joined Scott and Andrew in playing around on some exciting terrain.

Scott came up with a few innovations that were sometimes revolutionary, sometimes comical. One thing Scott is especially good at doing, besides inventing, is coming up with names hiw his devices. Karen and I stuck to the time honored method of hauling just one sled.

Our system was prone to flipping upside down under speed but was much easier to pull when slogging on foot.

The evening before our biggest day, the barometer plummeted and the easterly winds ravaged our nylon homes, keeping us awake all night.

By breakfast time, the anemometer read mph and continued to climb. Unlike conditions on previous days, the lower glacier had been ripped of all anowkite. Ice and firm snow make for a hell-uv-a crash. Psyched up for an adventurous flight, we decide to make a go of it, hoping to cover significant ground. It would be our final downwind venture. The following day, the glacier would rise in elevation and the Katabatic winds would blow directly into our faces, making travel more tedious.

A mere twenty minutes into flight, and how to snowkite vol 1 are completely scattered. Scott was thrown down while filming and run over by his puck. Karen lost. Andrew and I were barely able to control our kites in the stall position. A good hour passed until we reunited, just in time for a snowstorm to hammer us.

We slowly began losing all visibility. We made an attempt to navigate the unknown terrain without sight, but the end result was half-hearted with smaller 6m kites. Vvol, we were forced to resort to the prudent vote of waiting it out. By the end of our day trip, we realized just how lucky we were to have walked only a total of 9 miles out of across the third largest ice-field in the world.

Sleds are a must. Since we were self-supported, they were our means to transport food, fuel, tents, cook how to manage accounts receivable effectively, safety equipment, and our quiver of kites.

The path we traveled is not a new one. It has been crossed by other hearty individuals. There is a tendency in Alaskan mountaineering to keep your mouth shut and let your accomplishments speak for themselves. I have tried this crossing before vl success. There is so much to be said for the proper partners and right circumstances. Looking around at our team, I finally realized what we had accomplished. We each brought together the accumulated howw of four active lives in the mountains and applied a perfect solution to the Bagley Ice traverse.

In researching the pioneers who have traveled out there, the prevailing theme seems to be hardship. Ours was an arduous trip but I would never call it hard. All of these options seem like much better ideas than the old solution of suffering. Some traditionalists would call us lazy. I simply see it as using the best technology available as it evolves.

What is a man but a monkey that wnowkite evolved? Tools like Google Earth and simply keeping our eyes open for good spots have helped us discover amazing snowkite locations on a seemingly daily basis around the world.

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Sep 24,  · Available from freenicedating.comme One of the How to Snowkite series is a complete guide to snowkiting for the beginner and intermediate. Feb 26,  · How to Snowkite: Volume One is now available to buy on DVD from with free worldwide shipping. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Learn How to Snowkite DVD Instructional Snowkiting Vol 1 Kiteboarding Snowboad at the best online prices at .

Currency Converter. Like his action DVDs, this one is filmed in stunning hi-definition. Volume 1 is an incredibly thorough introduction to snowkiting with chapters on terminology, equipment, kite flying, foil kite instruction, tube kite instruction, riding basics edging, turning, upwind , back country riding, expedition kiting, kite repair, and basic jumping - 2 hours in all.

Volume 2, when it comes out, will go beyond the basic jump and introduce all the trick jumps and other specialized snowkiting skills. A bit pricey, but all in all the cheapest way to learn to snowkite safely. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

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