Starbucks cup costume how to make

No-Sew DIY Starbucks Cup Costume

Starbucks cup costume how to make

starbucks cup costume how to make

15 Cool And Easy To Make Starbucks Halloween Costumes

more posts you'll love Step Two. Print out the Starbucks logo & cut it out. You could attach the paper right to the dress, but I wanted to Step Three. Cut out eight circles of the white or ivory felt. I made my circles the same size as the Starbucks logo, Step Four. Attach the white. Oct 30, †Ј I cut two holes for arms, and the Velcro had an adhesive on the back so I stuck it onto the costume. Next up I cut my burlap into a strip so it looked like a Starbucks sleeve, and glued it on. Next up I started gluing on my felt to make it look like whipped cream. There was no rhyme or reason to this Ц I just glued it all over the place!

And costume catalogs are probably flooding your mailbox as we speak. But now, thanks to this blog post, there is! Search for the Starbucks logo online and make an enlarged print about 7 inches in diameter.

PlusЕgood news! Be sure to have a bowl of mini pumpkins nearby to help you get in the holiday spirit! More on that later. The little ones pictured here are for the headband. To make the whipped cream, fold your felt in how to get domain for website accordion fold vertically along cuup dotted lines below.

Add small horizontal lines of hot glue it adheres faster than the felt glue across the center to glue each section together.

Use a thin line of hot glue along the center back of the felt to attached it how to make indigo powder the dress. To make the frothy headband, grab two of the smaller circles and glue them together with the headband running through the middle of it. This will be your base to build the straw and foam onto. Lots of tutorials suggested a paper towel roll with green paint but I had some extra green felt so I tried gluing it into a tube shape and it worked!

Just use paper clips to hold it together what is gelatin made from yahoo answers the glue sets. Once your straw is dry, cut cpstume slits in the bottom of it and glue the tabs onto the circles on your headband. Again, use paper clips to keep it in place while it dries.

After the straw was glued in place, I added some more white felt over the green on the base to cover it up. Then I made the whipped cream with the small circles using the same method as I used on the dress. Check with your local barista to make sure your costume matches your real order!

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For your headband, take a paper towel roll and glue your green paper around it. Hot glue your straw to the headband. Take your whipped cream rounds and place around the base of the straw, making sure most of them are also glued to the headband to support it. Finally, print the Starbucks logo and slap it on. Sep 03, †Ј YouТll need a tan dress (I had an old slip that fit S loosely but these cheapies from Amazon are a great option), a plain headband, 2 one-foot square pieces of dark green felt, white felt (enough to make at least six 9-inch circles and eight inch circles), felt glue, a black Sharpie (to write the УorderФ on the back of the УcupФ), a hot glue gun, and whatever you want to wear underneath. Sep 26, †Ј ItТs very easy to make a Frappuccino costume for a girl: put on a neutral dress, add a feather boa to show off whipped cream and make a special headband. a cute and simple caramel frappuccino costume made of a neutral dress and a ruffled headband.

Just in case you were worried that Starbucks was in need of more advertising and wanted to lend a handЕ we have an easy DIY Starbucks cup costume idea for you. Roll the fabric into a funnel cup shape with a large enough opening at the bottom so that your child can walk comfortably. Pine two pieces of green ribbon to be used as straps for the cup.

Sewing these on by hand will improve durability of the costume. Carefully cut the brown yard wast bag so that it forms the cupholder. This will have to be done in a semi-circle to ensure the top and bottom are parallel to the cup edges. Source a Starbucks logo on the internet, increase the size and print with a colour printer. Use duct tape to affix the craft paper and logo, hiding the seams. Enjoy the coffee break!

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