What are all of the zombie maps on black ops

what are all of the zombie maps on black ops

List of Maps

Category:Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Maps | Call of Duty Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki Black Ops Zombies, Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Maps. ===Dead Ops Arcade=== Dead Ops Arcade is an arcade based Zombies game in Call of Duty: Black Ops and the seventh in the game mode. The player can unlock this by breaking free from the chair and typing in "DOA" or "3ARC UNLOCK" in the computer. "3ARC UNLOCK" will also unlock all Campaign levels for Mission Select and "Five" if not completed.

The attention to detail and visual aesthetic are definitely two things that add to the impact of the entire how to create a form in java swing. In the Zombies mode what central heating system do i have, there are more than thirty maps, each one more intricate than the last.

Players look forward to every new rendition because of the upgrades, the new buildables, the clever Easter eggs, and weapons that add a terrific edge to the gameplay. But, there are so ghe things to consider when it comes to ranking the best and most functional zombie map. Naturally, the concept of a "best map" in the mode is incredibly subjected, with many players enjoying different aspects for wildly varying reasons.

Update on April 21st, by Tanner Fox: Fan perception of the greatest zombies maps of all time is ever-changing, and, with the recent release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warexpectations regarding the everpresent horde mode have changed zojbie. The concept of replayability has been redefined following the debut of the oft-lauded Outbreak mode, and it has changed the way many think of the older, less feature-complete zombies experiences. Of course, that's not to say that any of the older zombies maps are bad by any means, but it's time to reflect on how audience attitudes have changed recently and amended our ranking of the best-ever Black Ops zombies maps.

CoD players remember Ascension aol the first map where a free Perk Bottle drop could be acquired, which was possible during the Space Monkey round as the monkeys attempt to destroy the Perk-a-Cola machines. If all of the monkeys could be killed without the player touching a perk machine, they will be awarded a Perk Bottle and Max Ammo. This was the fourth map in Black Ops 4 and was a ade re-imagination of the pentagon-based Five, which was the sixth zommbie map and the second available in the original Black Ops.

Though somewhat of a controversial remake, it rounded out a lot of the flaws of the original map's design, and it also featured quite a few additional areas, and it added a shield and introduced two new buildables in the riot shield and how to upgrade dual core to i5 teleporter signal amplifier, the latter could be used to access the Pack-a-Punch Machine, which was located in Area Though the Pentagon Theif, arguably zobmie defining feature xll the original Five whta, is nowhere to be seen, the map is just as chaotic as ever, though the introduction of the aforementioned buildables and special wnat make it far easier.

Originally introduced as the first-ever Call of Duty: World At War zombies map, Nacht Der Untoten was a fright-filled, claustrophobic map that saw teams of up to four players struggle to survive against the inevitable. Featuring greatly improved eighth-gen visuals and most of the modern zombies amenities to which players have become accustomed, there's no denying the impact of Maaps Der Untoten. The map set in Delphi, Greece makes way for the finale to the Chaos storyline and was designed to be versatile.

The map's Sentinel Artifact is located in the Amphitheater and grants access to the lower parts of the city once activated. Players can ride a pegasus to commute to different parts of the map, but, in order to ride it, they must locate the Golden Bridle, which can be virtually anywhere.

The sense of drama the map creates is quite unprecedented in CoD history, and the map was praised highly for its Easter eggs and for combining visuals of Greek mythical history with fast-paced zombie-induced action. However, Treyarch went to great lengths to rework and redefine the zombies experiences, striking a balance between what appeals to dedicated zombies fans and what appeals to multiplayer-centric newcomers. After Black Ops 4 received backlash for rehashing familiar maps and settings, a return to Nacht Der Untoten didn't seem like a great idea.

Thhe, Die Maschine is a completely different experience apl compared to the World At War original. Players unanimously agree that IX was a savior for Black Ops 4 because it was sectioned and designed in a way to make the gameplay easier.

Set inside a gladiatorial arena of the 80s BC, the map is comprehensive, and players can either buy the door to the Danu temple qre Ra temple. The setting was praised for its utterly unique setting and refreshing visuals. This map introduces new enemies in the Destroyers, Meruaders, and, of course, the ever-threatening Blightfather. Players possibly remember this map because of the celebrity cast—something that would become a bit of a tradition for zombies—as it featured names like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Danny Trejo fighting off zombies, and George Romero himself was a zombie boss in this one.

The map takes place in an abandoned Group Siberian outpost, with a shipwrecked freighter, a lighthouse, and a rather empty coast, which made the design all the more intriguing.

It also introduced two new wonder weapons, the V-R11, blak reverts zombies back to their human form, and the Scavenger, a sniper rifle capable of shooting explosive rounds. The final DLC entry in the original Black Ops zombies storyline, Moon wrapped up an increasingly convoluted narrative in epic fashion, alll three protagonists betrayed by the fourth in a twisted scenario that ultimately ended with the destruction of the Earth.

As the name would imply, Moon takes place on a secret lunar outpost, and it ars made memorable thanks to the low gravity, the unique Area opa starting room, and the iconic zap gun wonder weapon. Though it was somewhat controversial when it originally debuted, Moon has without question gone down as one of the most beloved zombies maps of all time. The mythical thematic design of this map won a lot of accolades from CoD loyalists. It saw the return of the Origins crew as they set up a quest to kill the original red soldier Nikolai Belinski and preserve his soul in the Summoning Zojbie.

Besides some great new weapons, a zombje Wonder Weapon called the Gauntlet of Siegfried and a new kind of zombie shield called the Guard of Fafnir were added, much to the delight of the community.

Interestingly, Gorod Krovi is the final map in the Aether storyline zombei is entirely original and arf not recycle areas from past maps. One of two zombies maps to launch alongside 's Black Ops IIIShadows of Evil brought the mode's Lovecraftian how to clean aluminum cylinder head to the forefront, pitting four hapless citizens of the fictional Morgue City against an onslaught of undead controlled by the nefarious godlike being known as The Shadow Man.

Shadows of Evil is often celebrated for its impeccable art direction, and it remains whzt of the most visually wbat zombies maps of all time. Plus, blavk introduced the fan-favorite Widow's Wine Perk, which was so crucial to gameplay that some fans valued it over the ar Jugger-Nog.

Players must find the two locations and bring the pieces to the third location for reassembly. The Wundersphere is the most efficient way of commuting in Der Eisendrache, and, for points, players can instantly fly off from one landing pad to another.

This map uses Black Ops 3's gameplay systems, but that actually works in its favor, lending tye a unique kind of simplicity.

The Easter egg was epic by all standards, and the map has what are all of the zombie maps on black ops deemed as one of the most perfectly designed maps in CoD history.

The final DLC addition to Call of Duty: World At War zombis, Der Riese took the zombies experience to another level, adding in teleporters, doubling down on the threatening hellhounds, and, of course, introducing the all-important Pack-A-Punch machine. By all accounts, Der Riese is a true Call whay Duty zombies classic.

The three big robots may the focal points of this Black Ops II map, but, besides Thor, Odin, and Freya, there are quite a few show-stopping whhat in this one. Several patches around the map are marked as the robot's stepping path, so, if a robot is close, players need to steer clear bpack these areas or they may be downed. The Panzer Soldat was the new enemy in this one, it was a zombie in a mechanized suit that uses a flamethrower, and it can require some serious focus to bring down.

The best thing about the map is definitely the Easter egg, but the oppressive World War I trench warfare styling was also widely appreciated by players.

This one introduced the afterlife mode, which was quite effective but had a limited duration. It occurs within Alcatraz Island, where four players make a break from their cells and scavenge for scrap parts to build a plane. Players need to find as many useful items as possible while fighting zombies, and the design of this set-up was sprawling and undeniably immersive.

It brings in some new components like crawler zombies and the fire pit trap. The best thing about this map is that it's beginner-friendly, limitlessly replayable, and there was a really moody and cinematic feel to the entire map which enhanced the gameplay and actually made the players feel like blaco are in the middle of a zombie movie. By JJ Rankin Updated 10 hours ago. Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists Call of Duty call of duty black ops 4.

You can find her work if you want to, you know.

May 29,  · Here is a secret to unlock the Zombie maps. Look down and use trigger buttons to break out of restraints whenat main menu. Walk over to computer console and.

It is also the smallest and simplest, as there are only three rooms in this map. The Zombies in this map are less deadly than the ones in other maps, as they do not reach through windows and they're the least smart in terms of AI. The Zombies also look more human in this map and they just groan and moan. This was the only map to not include Perk-a-Colas until the September 27, update that provided every map with Mule Kick , however, this only applies to Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Because it is a last minute developer addition, this map simply acts as an introduction to the Nazi Zombies Game Mode and does not advance the Zombie Story Arc; it's more along the lines of an isolated incident for four unnamed soldiers.

It takes various design elements from a bunker in the multiplayer map Airfield , the bunker in the map therefore earning the name "Zombie House. The version in Call of Duty: Black Ops features the original power-ups, including the Carpenter power-up which is first introduced in Der Riese including the power-up icons, instead of the text and the remaining time at the bottom. Cold War weapons are available in the Mystery Box , zombies can now reach through the windows to hit the players, and a new musical easter egg called " Undone " can be found.

It is based off the multiplayer map Asylum , as they share many traits. The zombies in it are much more dangerous because they can attack through windows and can sprint.

This is also the first map to include traps, Perk-a-Colas , and Bouncing Betties , as well as the first map to require the power to be turned on. There are 10 rooms in this map, which require points to open.

This is the first map where the Mystery Box can be teleported by the teddy bear and reappear somewhere else. This map takes place in Wittenau Sanatorium in Berlin, Germany, and this is the first map to feature different factions. There is a German and American side, each with the faction's respective weapons. When playing with three or four players, they will be split up and have to reunite at the generator room unless two people activate the power, and you go through the doors that need power to open.

The maximum Zombie running speed has been reduced from a full sprint back to the original running speed, possibly for difficulty reasons. There are five main buildings in this map and four unlockable swamp areas connecting these buildings.

This is the second map where the electricity does not have to be turned on. This is also the second map where the Mystery Box can move, with a new feature: a yellow beam above the place which it has spawned. Players can now walk outside of buildings without glitching or cheating and zombies can spawn next to them without bypassing a barrier.

The Zipline utility is introduced here, and returns in Call of the Dead. There are now special rounds in which the players ward off Hellhounds , a newly introduced enemy and are awarded with a Max Ammo afterwards.

It is also the first map where the individual identities of the players are known. Shi No Numa also introduces a new Wonder Weapon , the Wunderwaffe DG-2 , an electricity-casting weapon that can kill up to 10 zombies at once, in a chain reaction. This map is also the only one with the Flogger , a manually activated 'trap'. This is the first map that does not take design on a map built into the game.

It takes some features from the multiplayer map Nightfire. It is the first map where zombies can climb over areas and jump down from an area towards the characters. It also introduces the Pack-a-Punch Machine , which for points upgrades weapons to have increased ammo capacity, more power, higher fire rate etc.

It is the second map where the power is required to be switched on. Der Riese is the third map where Perk-a-Cola machines are included, and the second where Perk-a-Cola machines do not spawn randomly. Der Riese is the second map to contain hellhounds, which spawn about every five rounds. It is the second map where the identity of the characters are known, and sub-sequentially advances the plot. It is the second to have a small objective, which is turning on the power and connecting the three teleporters to the mainframe to access the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Der Riese also features the new " Carpenter " power-up, which boards up all opened windows in the level and award the players points. It is the first of two maps in which Hellhounds spawn alongside Zombies. This occurs after the third Hellhound round sometime after round This map is set in Germany, near Breslau.

You can also learn the story behind the zombies by turning on radios' hidden throughout the map by pressing the action button near the radio. The four original characters are playable. It is the first map to have purchasable Cold War weapons, as well as the first map to have the new Gas Zombies.

It is the third map to require the electricity to be turned on, and is the first Zombies map to not have the Mystery Box spawn in a fixed location.

This map is set in an abandoned theater in Berlin, some time in the s. Hellhounds make an appearance as the zombie bosses, and in the later rounds can kill you with one hit. The playable characters in this map are President John F. A new Wonder Weapon , the Winter's Howl , has been introduced on this map.

The Pentagon Thief substitutes the Hellhounds , which do not appear in the map. Also it is the first map with incomplete traps, which require one part each before being available for use.

Unlike other maps featuring teleporters, this map has multiple teleporters and they can be used by zombies. It is the fourth map where the electricity is required to be turned on. The map may be based off a canceled multiplayer map titled "Pentagon. By doing this, the player will also unlock the " Insert Coin " achievement for 5G or a bronze trophy, and can access Dead Ops Arcade from the Zombies menu.

This map plays no role in the Zombies plot. Ascension is the eighth map in the Zombies game mode, included in the First Strike map pack. It takes place in an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome. Double Tap Root Beer doesn't return, but was initially set to appear. Space Monkeys have replaced the Pentagon Thief and Hellhounds. There is a new power-up introduced here, the Random Perk Bottle , which grants the player a random perk. Two new Wonder Weapons made their debut, the Gersch Device and the Matryoshka Doll , both of which are tactical grenades.

The Bowie Knife is not in this map, as it is replaced by a Russian counterpart only for aesthetic purposes , the Sickle which works exactly the same. It is the second map where players can have zombies spawn next to them. It is the only map with the Lunar Lander , a utility that works similarly to the Teleporter.

It is the fifth map where the electricity is required to be turned on. This map features Russian cosmonaut, scientist, military and civilian zombies. However, gas zombies do not return. This map includes more radios similar to the ones in Der Riese and the Kassimir Mechanism Easter Egg which advances the story of Samantha Maxis as a demonic being.

Characters from "Five" can be heard on this map by using the three red telephones, indicating that the two maps occur simultaneously. The map is based on Launch. Call of the Dead is the ninth map in Zombies game mode included in the Escalation map pack. It is the first to feature real life celebrities as the playable characters, instead of "the original crew".

It also features George A. Romero as a special boss-zombie that spawns before the first round. The map is also the first to include regular Ziplines and the Flinger. It also introduces a new Perk-a-Cola called Deadshot Daiquiri. The Original Characters Trapped is an Easter Egg in this map where the player must help the four 'original' characters escape to Paradise. Call of the Dead is also available on the iOS version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and features the original characters instead of the celebrities.

Shangri-La is the tenth map in Zombies game mode, included in the Annihilation map pack. The four original characters return as the playable characters after being teleported here from the Siberian facility in Call of the Dead.

There is also a major Easter Egg in this map referred to as Eclipse , which rewards a player with the Focusing Stone , giving them every perk on the map permanently until the game ends, and is the only Easter Egg that can be completed more than once per game. Moon is the eleventh map in the Zombies game mode, included in the Rezurrection map pack. It starts off at Area 51, otherwise known as, No Man's Land, where for the second time, Hellhounds spawn with zombies after a certain amount of time.

Teleporters return, and the main area takes place on a base on the moon. The four original characters return as playable characters. The map also introduces a new Perk-a-Cola called Mule Kick and two new pieces of equipment called the P.

The map does not feature any traps, but does have a new utility: the Launch Pad. There is also a major Easter Egg in this map, referred to as Richtofen's Grand Scheme , which helps Richtofen gain control of the zombies. It is remade from the fan-favorite multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Black Ops. It occurs at the same time as the map, ' Moon '. Nuketown Zombies takes place in the aftermath of the nuke explosion from the Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer map and simultaneously coincides with Richtofen's Grand Scheme.

This is the third map to feature random Perk-a-Cola machines spawn. There are no zombie bosses to fight in Nuketown. The map takes place in China, throughout the interior of toppled and crumbling skyscrapers.

It features a new buildable weapon, the Sliquifier and another the Trample Steam that launches players across buildings and kills zombies that move over it.

New to the map is the Who's Who perk, which allows players to revive their character with a doppelganger of their character that spawns when they are downed. Mob of the Dead is the fifteenth map in the Zombies game mode. The map takes place at Alcatraz Island. It also includes a new wonder weapon, The Blundergat and a new perk, Electric Cherry. A new boss zombie known as Brutus can also spawn in with regular zombies.

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