What does a black line in my fingernail mean

7 nail symptoms explained: Signs you shouldn't ignore

What does a black line in my fingernail mean

what does a black line in my fingernail mean

Black Lines in Your Fingernails—Splinter Hemorrhages or Melanoma?

Aug 11,  · This fingernail condition includes black lines on the nails, nail discoloration, and/or excessive pigmentation. It is most common in those who are older and dark-skinned. It may be due to certain medications, underlying medical conditions, trauma or injury to your nail bed, radiation therapy, UV light exposure, or pregnancy. May 10,  · Are the Black Lines in Your Fingernails Heart Disease? Black lines can signify some further health troubles, but so can reddish or brown ones. These lines, mentioned earlier, are called splinter hemorrhages and indicate small areas of bleeding beneath the nails. These thin red lines run vertically down the nail, and basically look like splinters, from which they draw their name.

The simple answer to what fingernail lines may what is the biblical meaning of 16 is that they are very often insignificant. This is especially true when it comes to the vertical lines on the nails, which may start at or just above the moons or cuticles and extend upward to the nail tips.

Horizontal fingernail lines may be more suspect, but even here, the lines may be nothing and could be a sign of age or behaviors. There are some worst-case scenarios, on the other hand, that may shat worth considering. Most people have vertical fingernail lines and these can be light or have grooves. Oine if the lines or the nails surrounding them get yellow in color and if the finggernail seem blafk, this might suggest a fungal infection. Should this condition persist, it might be wise to a see a meaan for guidance.

Yellowing nails may also be caused by behaviors maen smoking, but thickening nails or uneven growth might mean a fungal infection is present. Under many circumstances, horizontal lines are a little more unusual. Horizontal lines can be fairly ordinary on people who regularly get their nails manicured too.

In fact, white ones that are in pairs may be Muehrcke lines, which have been shown to indicate many different disease or changes to health. Muehrcke lines can simply be signs of certain treatments undergone. In absence of this treatment, white transverse fingernail lines in pairs might suggest extremely low albumin levels, or some forms of cancer. They can also be associated with malnourishment, certain forms of kidney disease, and some illnesses that could affect the liver. A single fingernail with horizontal lines kean not likely to be an example of Muehrcke lines.

One other condition that is associated with horizontal fingernail lines is arsenic poisoning. Fingernails may be lined and ridged in transverse fashion, and fingernil lines are usually fingrrnail as white in color.

Again, this may not mean anything, but it has been noted as a symptom of long exposure to arsenic. If people work around chemicals or have any reason to suspect any form of arsenic consumption, this is fairly easy to test with the help of a physician.

Fingernails are extremely important and they can say much about human health. Doctors regularly examine nail beds to check for proper nourishment and even to assess cardiac function.

Should people be concerned about unusual lines, it makes sense to check with a medical practitioner for guidance. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion.

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Common nail conditions and symptoms

Cancerous tissues on the skin, known as melanomas, can develop under the fingernail. Studies have found that this effect happens more often in people of African descent, but it absolutely can happen to anyone, regardless of their race, gender, or anything else. “A dark streak or area of the nail with dark discoloration can be a sign of melanoma and should be evaluated if there is no reason that trauma could have caused it. “The dark streak from melanoma is due to actual cells being grown in the nail area or under the nail.” What’s going on when the cause is . Feb 16,  · The simple answer to what fingernail lines may indicate is that they are very often insignificant. This is especially true when it comes to the vertical lines on the nails, which may start at or just above the moons or cuticles and extend upward to the nail tips. Horizontal fingernail lines may be more suspect, but even here, the lines may be nothing and could be a sign of age or behaviors.

Nails can signal everything from lung conditions to anemia, the American Academy of Dermatology notes. Natalie Azar. This may be a sign of melanoma. While you may think the deadliest type of skin cancer always shows up as a mole or dark spot, it can actually start in the nail.

If you have brown fingernails and the discoloration is round, as opposed to linear, it could be another condition. For example, brown spots on nails, especially if they're pitted, could be a sign of nail psoriasis. Course of action: Get any brown pigmentation on your nail checked out by a dermatologist. This common problem can happen because of an issue with your diet or the chemicals your hands are exposed to.

Nails are formed in the nail matrix, the root of the nail. That's why people with eating disorders can notice problems with nails. Brittle nails can also indicate iron-deficiency anemia or thyroid diseases. Remember: Nails are made of keratin, a protein. A common myth is that calcium plays a role. If your body has the material to create the perfect nails, harsh chemicals can still break them down as they grow.

Think of nails as a brick wall: the chemicals can remove the mortar that holds the bricks together, Rich said. That can include detergent water and nail polish remover.

Course of action: Make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of protein. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails. Even acetone-free polish remover can make your nails brittle if you use it too often and too much, Rich said. Vertical lines on nails — or ridges — are common as you get older.

Most people eventually get them. She discourages patients from buffing or filing the ridges smooth because that thins the nail. They indicate something caused the nail to stop growing temporarily.

Triggers can include high fever, chemotherapy, a serious illness, major surgery, blood transfusion, a car accident or any major stress to your system, Rich noted.

Vertical ridges are usually just a part of aging. The condition, called punctate leukonychia, is actually due to some kind of minor trauma when the nail is being formed. Course of action: Wait — the spots will vanish as the nails grow out. You'll see them for a while because it takes about six months to grow a new fingernail from start to finish.

Very yellow nails that are thick and slow growing may be associated with lung problems, Rich noted. If you have yellow nail syndrome , you may also experience excessively curved nails and see them separate from the nail bed. It creates a washboard-like series of horizontal depressions on the thumb nail. Course of action: People can fix the issue if they simply stop manipulating their thumb cuticles, Rich noted. This is known as paronychia and can be caused by pushing back the cuticle. The cuticle prevents bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold from getting underneath your nail and causing an infection.

Course of action: Soak your nail in hot water two or three times a day to help reduce the swelling and pain, experts note. Your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics or other medicine. The best way to manage cuticles is to gently rub a towel over your nails after a shower when your skin is soft to get rid of the dead skin on the surface of the nail, she noted.

Nail discoloration or thickening can signal systemic health problems. Check with your doctor if you spot any changes. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. Follow today. You have access to important clues about your health right at the tips of your fingers. Common nail conditions and symptoms Brown vertical stripes on nails Breaking and brittle nails Nails with ridges White spots on nails Yellow nails or cuticles Horizontal ridges in nails Splitting, bleeding or inflamed skin around nails.

What is nail melanoma? Dermatologists stress what to look out for.

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