What does definitely maybe mean

what does definitely maybe mean

definite maybe definition: 1. something that you think you might do, but are not certain about: 2. something that you think. Learn more. Freebase ( / 2 votes)Rate this definition: Definitely Maybe. Definitely Maybe is the debut album by the English rock band Oasis, released in August It was an immediate commercial and critical success in the UK, having followed on the heels of singles .

Definitely is an adverb that usually means certainly or without a doubt. Definitely is also sometimes used as an adverb to describe an action as clearly defined or precise. When definitely is used as a single word in response to a question or other statement, it is called an interjection or sentence substitute. When used this way, it is very similar to saying certainly or absolutely.

Definitely is first recorded in English around the early what does schizophrenia do to your body. Definitely is commonly used as an interjection, or sentence substitute, meaning it does in one word what usually takes a whole sentence to do. When used in this way, definitely often has the added benefit of expressing excitement or enthusiasm. This use is typically considered informal.

Although their meanings are definitely close, definitely and definitively are used differently, with definitively typically referring to an action that is final or decisive, rather than simply precise or exact. What are some other forms of definitely?

What are some words that share a root or word element with definitely? Definitely is typically used for emphasis, especially when you want to convince someone of the certainty of something. Thank you. As you what is love is a battlefield about. Before u share ur secrets, make sure that your listener is not a speaker and definitely not a script writer.

Is definitely used correctly in the following sentence? Refillable hand warmers will definitely need to be placed in a pouch to avoid burns, but the model you buy should come with one. The lascivious sex predator is out; the deep-pocketed caped crusader is most definitely in. And there is definitely something to finding solace in food, familiarity, and memory.

JSwipe definitely gives off less of a hookup vibe than others. Like, the party was definitely over, but we just kept taking drugs anyway [laughs].

But the title of Best Death definitely belongs to Bob Stookey, who got bitten by a zombie then captured by cannibals. But hitherto, before these new ideas began to spread in our community, the mass of men and women definitely settled down. Nigel might pray to a pale Madonna; Isaacson dealt with a definitely blunted woman of the world.

The high rank, the great riches of his father he rather implied than definitely mentioned. Before definitely deciding to give up Kullak and come to him, Deppe insisted that I should hear one of his scholars play. And I would respectfully suggest that this interview must definitely terminate the matter one way or the other. Save This Word! See synonyms for definitely on Thesaurus.

Set some time apart to test your bracket symbol knowledge, and see if you can keep your parentheses, squares, curlies, and angles all straight! See clearly. Words nearby definitely defining momentdefinitedefinite articledefinite descriptiondefinite integraldefinitelydefinite relative clausedefinite relative pronoundefinitiondefinitionsdefinitive.

What does definitely mean? Example: I will definitely be there tomorrowЧI promise. Where does definitely come from? Did you know How is definitely used in real life? Try using definitely! Words related to definitely doubtlesseasilyplainlyabsolutelydecidedlyobviouslyfinallyunquestionablysurelyclearlyunequivocallyundeniablyexpresslyfar and awayindubitablypositivelyspecificallywithout questiondoubtlesslycategorically.

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Urban Dictionary: definitely maybe. Top definition. definitely maybe. unknown. , Oasis & possibly the greatest debut album by any band or artist ever. the track listing is. 1. Rock 'n' roll star. 2. Princeton's WordNet ( / 1 vote) Rate this definition: decidedly, unquestionably, emphatically, definitely, in spades, by all odds (adverb) without question and beyond doubt. "it was decidedly too expensive"; "she told him off in spades"; "by all odds they should win". Definitely is an adverb that usually means certainly or without a doubt. It also has this meaning when itТs used as a single-word response. Definitely is also sometimes used as an adverb to describe an action .

Definitely Maybe is the debut studio album by English rock band Oasis , released by Creation Records on 29 August Oasis booked Monnow Valley Studio near Rockfield in late to record the album and worked with producer Dave Batchelor, whom band member Noel Gallagher knew from his days working as a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets , though sessions were unsatisfactory and Batchelor was subsequently fired.

In January , the group set about re-recording the album at Sawmills Studio in Cornwall , where sessions were produced by Noel alongside Mark Coyle. The results were still deemed unsatisfactory; in desperation, Creation's Marcus Russell contacted engineer and producer Owen Morris , who eventually worked on mastering the album at Johnny Marr 's studio in Manchester. Definitely Maybe was an immediate commercial and critical success in the United Kingdom, having followed on the heels of the singles " Supersonic ", " Shakermaker ", and the UK top-ten hit " Live Forever ", which was also a success on US Rock Airplay.

The album went on to sell over 8 million copies worldwide and brought widespread critical acclaim. The album helped to spur a revitalisation in British pop music in the s, and was embraced by critics for its optimistic themes and rejection of the negative outlook of the grunge music of the time. The album is regarded as a seminal entry of the Britpop scene, and has appeared in many publications' lists of the greatest albums of all time.

In , the NME conducted a readers' poll in which Definitely Maybe was voted the greatest album of all time. The group were soon joined by Liam's older brother Noel , who insisted that the group would give him complete control and work towards global fame if he joined. The limited-edition 12" single "Columbia" was released later that year as a teaser for journalists and radio shows, and was unexpectedly picked up by BBC Radio 1 , who played it 19 times in the two weeks after its release.

The following week, it debuted at No. Oasis booked Monnow Valley Studio near Rockfield in late to record the album. Their producer was Dave Batchelor, whom Noel knew from his days working as a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets. The sessions were unsatisfactory and Bonehead recalled, "It wasn't happening. He'd say, 'Come in and have a listen. What's that? Too clean. As the sessions proved increasingly fruitless, the group began to panic. Bonehead said, "Noel was frantically on the phone to the management, going, 'This ain't working.

Tim Abbot of Creation Records said while visiting the band in Chiswick , "McGee, Noel, me, and various people had a great sesh [session], and we listened to it over and over again. And all I could think was, 'It ain't got the attack. In January , the group returned from an ill-fated trip to Amsterdam and set about re-recording the album at Sawmills Studio in Cornwall.

This time the sessions were produced by Noel alongside Mark Coyle. The group decided the only way to replicate their live sound in the studio was to record together without soundproofing between individual instrument, with Noel overdubbing numerous guitars afterwards. Bonehead said, "That was Noel's favourite trick: get the drums, bass, and rhythm guitar down, and then he'd cane it. In desperation, Creation's Marcus Russell contacted engineer and producer Owen Morris , who had previously mixed the album's songs.

Morris recalled after hearing the Sawmills recordings, "I just thought, 'They've messed up here. Marcus was like, 'You can do what you like Ч literally, whatever you want. Morris worked on mastering the album at Johnny Marr 's studio in Manchester. Morris also used a technique he had learned from Bernard Sumner while recording the self-titled album by Sumner's group Electronic , routing the bass guitar through a Minimoog and using the filters to remove the high-end, which he used to hide imprecise playing, and heavily compressed the final mix to an extent he admitted was "more than would normally be considered 'professional ' ".

Morris completed his final mix of the record on the vintage Neve console during the bank holiday weekend in May in Studio 5 at Matrix Recording Studios in London 's Fulham district. Music journalist John Harris noted, "The miracle was that music that had passed through so many hands sounded so dynamic: the guitar-heavy stew that Morris had inherited had been remoulded into something positively pile-driving.

The photograph on the front cover of the album was taken by rock photographer Michael Spencer Jones in guitarist Bonehead's house. He also said that he asked Liam to lie on the floor to draw attention away from the room's wood flooring , which he felt would make the picture look like an advert for varnish.

The wine glass to Liam's right was filled with diluted Ribena ; although an urban legend suggests that this was used because the band could not afford wine, Spencer Jones explained that it was actually because red wine often turns out black instead of red on pictures. Spencer Jones asked the band to bring objects of personal value to them to the shoot. A photograph of footballer George Best can be seen in the window at the behest of Bonehead, a Manchester United fan.

Some writers believe that Oasis were trying to pay homage to the album cover of Pink Floyd 's Ummagumma album by placing Bacharach's picture in the same prominent position used for the soundtrack of Vincente Minnelli 's film Gigi on Ummagumma. The release of Definitely Maybe was preceded by a third single, " Live Forever ", which was released on 8 August and became the group's first top ten single.

Abbot tried to determine how to best use his small budget: "I'd go back to the Midlands every couple of weeks and people I knew would say, 'Oasis are great. This is what we listen to. You don't read the NME. You don't read Q. How do we get the people to like you? His suspicions that Oasis would appeal to these non-traditional audiences were confirmed when the dance music magazine Mixmag , which usually ignored guitar-based music, gave Definitely Maybe a five-star review. Definitely Maybe was released on 29 August The first-week sales earned Definitely Maybe the record of the fastest-selling debut album in British history.

Noel said " Slide Away " was considered as a fifth single but he ultimately refused, arguing, "You can't have five [singles] off a debut album. Definitely Maybe received widespread critical acclaim and was a commercial success, with many critics and listeners welcoming the album's fearless optimism, particularly in an era of rock which was dominated by American grunge which seemed at odds with the album.

Keith Cameron of NME called Noel "a pop craftsman in the classic tradition and a master of his trade" and believed that "the only equivocal thing about Definitely Maybe is its title [ Certainly when put next to the flimsy, uncommitted music of most new British bands, Definitely Maybe spits feathers Spunky, adolescent rock, vivifying and addictive". And with his brother Noel supplying him with sumptuous rockers, it's easy to see why this quintet is next year's model.

Heavier on guitar than Blur or Suede , they're the simpler, catchier outfit. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band finishing second. In , the album was voted No. Reviewing the reissue of Definitely Maybe in Mojo , Danny Eccleston stated, "There's nothing more exhilarating than the feeling that something great is about to happen. It's a force that courses, unmanageably, through Oasis' debut album even today This is transcendental rock'n'roll music that celebrates the moment, not a moment.

All tracks are written by Noel Gallagher. The Definitely Maybe box set was released on 4 November , featuring four discs of singles, including B-sides, and one disc of interviews. The set charted at number 23 on the UK Albums Chart. As part of a promotional campaign entitled Chasing the Sun , the album was released on 19 May , a deluxe edition featured the remastered original album packaged with two additional discs of material. Additionally, a limited edition reproduction of the band's original demo cassette was also made available to purchase.

Definitely Maybe was released on DVD in September to mark the tenth anniversary of its original release. It went triple platinum in the UK.

The DVD featured an hour-long documentary about the recording of the album featuring interviews with the band and its associates. Also included was the album in its entirety, at 48 kHz, including a remix of "Sad Song" with double tracked vocals during the chorus. The programme combined existing and unused interview footage from the DVD documentary and focused on the origins of the band, and the four singles from Definitely Maybe.

It also included a clip of " All Around the World " performed live at a rehearsal session in the Boardwalk in , five years before it was eventually recorded and released on Be Here Now. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the album.

For other uses, see Definitely Maybe disambiguation. Britpop [2] rock [3] [4]. Oasis Liam Gallagher Ч lead vocals, tambourine Noel Gallagher Ч lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, bass guitar, piano, production [67] Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs Ч rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, production Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan Ч bass guitar, [67] production Tony McCarroll Ч drums, production Additional personnel Anthony Griffiths Ч backing vocals on "Supersonic" Mark Coyle Ч production, mixing on "Supersonic" and "Married with Children", engineering Owen Morris Ч additional production, mixing Barry Grint Ч mastering at Abbey Road Studios , London David Batchelor Ч production on "Slide Away" Anjali Dutt Ч engineering Dave Scott Ч engineering, mixing Roy Spong Ч engineering Brian Cannon for Microdot Ч sleeve concept, design, art direction Michael Spencer Jones Ч photography.

Archived from the original on 4 June Retrieved 15 October Archived from the original on 2 April Retrieved 8 April Outside of all those particulars, though, and applying the narrative to Britain itself as well as how Britpop figured in here, is the fact that Definitely Maybe was the final shot in the first round of the genre's peak. Archived from the original on 7 November Retrieved 17 May Consequence of Sound.

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