What is a family planning method

What Is Family Planning? Discussing Healthy Methods For Your Partner

What is a family planning method

what is a family planning method

Family Planning: Methods, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

Family planning involves the use of all techniques, practices, and medical devices that help a couple plan their family. It not only helps in deciding the number of children to have but also when to have and how to space their births. For more information read on Home / Health / Different Methods of Family Planning. Family planning is when both the husband and wife together discuss and mutually decide how many children they would like to have and when, so that they can give sufficient love, care, attention and good education to each of their children Family planning is achieved through the use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of infertility (inability to have children)File Size: 1MB.

The world is already teeming with people today. Some countries have reached overpopulation and could not almost feed all the mouths of its countrymen. Overpopulation is now considered an international crisis, and it is not only the job of the government to taper the overgrowth. As healthcare providers, we must be able to educate our clients on the methods of family planning that can immensely help the world methoe the control of the population.

Contraceptives are products used to prevent pregnancy by women and men. Each individual has their own choice in what contraceptive they want to use, so you must assess their preference first before providing the best contraceptive for them. The natural family planning methods do not include any chemical or foreign body introduction meethod the human body. Most people who are very conscious of their religious beliefs are more inclined to use the natural way of birth control. Some want to use natural methods because it is more cost effective.

These hormonal contraceptives are effective through manipulation of the hormones that directly affect the normal menstrual cycle so that ovulation would not occur. One of the most effective birth control methods is the surgical method. The two kinds of surgical methods are used by either the male or the female, and would ensure that conception is inhibited after the surgery for as long as the client lives.

The reproductive system is our tool as humans to multiply or procreate. However, the earth would become unlivable if the growth of the population continues to boom. You have a choice among all these birth control methods, and these are only a call to be a responsible parent and citizen. Save my name, email, and website bluestone retaining wall how to build this browser for the next time I comment.

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Natural Methods

11 rows Oct 23, There are 5 main types of family planning methods: Barrier methods, which prevent pregnancy. Jul 29, The different methods of family planning includes some long-acting reversible contraception, hormonal contraception, barrier methods, emergency contraception, fertility awareness and permanent contraception like vasectomy and tubal ligation. 2 days ago Family planning services offered by your general practitioner are designed to assist you in all matters related to your sexual health. Perhaps most importantly the role of family planning is to make you aware of the choices you have to protect yourself against pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual functioning.

January 26, January 12, December 29, It is also called fertility awareness or the Rhythm method. This is a method of birth control that does not use any drug or devices. The Roman Catholic Church.

To prevent pregnancy or to Target the most fertile time for getting pregnant. I will explain briefly on this method: Under the Natural family planning method are:. In this method the woman needs to check her temperature every morning before getting out of bed using a special basal body thermometer.

The cervical Mucus Method: This method is also known as the Billings method. Right before ovulation, the mucus from the cervix changes from being cloudy and scanty to being clear and slippery.

The consistency of ovulation mucus is like that of an egg white and it can be stretched between the fingers. After the ovulation the mucus tends to dry up again. So this method is checked by using inserting clean hands to feel the mucus everyday, then write the result on a chart.

This will help the woman know when she is to ovulate. In fact I call it operation survey yourself bBecause it helps you understand yourself more. Note : if the woman has an irregular period she should not use this method of contraceptive let her choose from other methods. The calendar method: This method helps you predict your fertile days by tracking the length of your cycles over several months. So how can we use this method. You must keep track of your menstrual cycle for at least 6 periods 6months and this should be done using a calendar.

How to do tracking with a calendar. So she has to abstain from sexual intercourse during this period every month. Note: if the woman has an irregular period she should not use this method of contraceptive let her choose other method.

This method can only be used by women whose menstrual cycles are days long. If she has more than 2days longer or shorter cycle within a year, then this method would be less effective for her.

Steps in this method. Symptom thermal method: this is a combination of three methods listed above. They are: the calendar method, cervical mucus and the basal body temperature. However LAM is a contraceptive method based on exclusive Breastfeeding 6months. In this method, the penis is withdrawn from the vagina just before ejaculation so that ejaculation takes place outside the vagina.

In this way semen is prevented from entering the uterine cavity and pregnancy does not take place. It is more effective when used in combination with another method eg standard days method. Thus failure rate is very high. This method prevents spermtozoa from entering the uterus either by chemical e.

The dome of the diaphragm covers the cervix. This prevent sperm from entering the cervix and also immobilize sperm near the cervical canal. Condoms are mechanical barrier devices used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Types of condom: we have the. Male condom: which is worn over the erect penis, It could be in latex rubber condom which is more common and modern , condoms made from natural tissues,and condoms made from synthetic materials soft plastic.

Female condoms: which is a sheath of polyurethane. It has two flexible ring. This is a soft rubber cup to which spermicide is added before it is placed over the cervix. It kills sperm. These are chemicals placed in the vagina to immobilize or destroy sperms. They are available in different forms. The active ingredient in most spermicidal is Nonoxynol-9 which also offers protection against STD. This birth control method works by suppressing ovulation and also causes the cervical mucus to thicken thereby making it difficult for sperm to get through the cervix to the uterus.

There are 2 main classes of Hormonal contraceptive. Combined Oral Contraceptive COCs : Most common is colloquially taken once a day for 21 days followed by 7 days break contains 28 tablets. It is usually taken before 72hours after unprotected sex. Its given intramuscular.

Provides protection for 1 to 3 months E. It releases synthetic progestin hormone that changes cervical mucus, fallopian tubes and the uterine lining, it also stops or slows sperm and egg. Note: It lasts for years.

Insertion can cause a few minutes of pain, but removal is fast and easy. Implants are inserted under the skin of the inner upper arm and contain progesteron only E. Vasectomy: It is a surgical procedure done under anaesthesia. A small incision is made on each side of the scrotum and the vas deference is then cut and tied or blocked. The vas deference is the tube that carrys sperm from the testicles to the opening of the penis.

The operations performed are. Yes, the woman can change her mind later. Surgery can re-open tubes, but the success rate depends on her age and how much of the tube was left over after the original surgery. Search for:.

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