What is second base for a girl

Second British Invasion

What is second base for a girl

what is second base for a girl

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Another Urban Dictionary definition for second base differentiates between “major league” second base and “minor league” second base: minor league is “feeling a girl up,” while major. Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy or girl (hopefully you) gets to be be roomates with two very hot people and meet plenty of others in their daily life. The player has the choice of taking on the role of either a guy or a girl and meet a whole cast of .

Ocampo, The traditional dalagang Pilipina Filipina maiden is shy and secretive about her real feelings for a suitor and denies it even though she is really in love with the man. Tuksuhan whatt just teasing is the usual term associated with pairing off potential couples in Filipino culture. This is common among teenagers and young adults.

It is a way of matching people who may have nase admiration or affection for each other. It may end up in a romance or avoidance of each other if the situation becomes embarrassing for both individuals. Tuksuhan teasing--and a tirl reaction to it is a means for 'feeling out' a woman's attitude about an admirer or suitor. If the denial is vehement and the girl starts avoiding the boy, then he gets the message that his desire to pursue her is hopeless. The advantage nase this is that he does not get embarrassed because he has not started courting the girl in earnest.

As in most Asian cultures, Filipinos avoid losing face. Basted from English busted is the Tagalog slang for someone who fails to reach 'first base' in courting a girl because she does not have any feelings for him to begin with. However, if the girl 'encourages' her suitor either by being nice to him or not getting angry with the 'teasers'then the man can court in earnest and the tuksuhan eventually ends. The courtship then has entered a 'serious' stage, and the romance begins.

A man who is unable to express his affection to a woman who may have the same feelings for him is called a torpe stupiddungo extremely shyor simply duwag coward. To call whst man torpe means he does not know how to court a girl, is playing innocent, or does not know she also has an affection for him. If a man is torpejs needs a tulay bridge --anyone who is a mutual friend of him and the girl he loves--who then conveys to the girl his affection for her. It is also a way of 'testing the waters' so to speak.

If the boy realizes that the girl does not have feelings for him, he will then not push through with the courtship, thus saving face. Some guys are afraid of their love being turned down by the girl. In Tagalog, a guy whose love has been turned down by the girl is called sawi romantically sadbasted bustedor simply labless loveless. Click seocnd for Tagalog romantic phrases used in Filipino courtship. Panliligaw or ligawan are the Tagalog terms for courtship, which in some parts of the Tagalog-speaking regions is synonymous with pandidiga or digahan from Spanish diga'to say, express'.

Manliligaw is the one who courts a girl; nililigawan is the one who is what is market potential research courted. In Philippine culture, courtship is far more subdued and indirect unlike in some Western societies.

A man who is interested in courting a woman has to baes discreet and friendly at first, in order not to wjat seen as too presko or mayabang aggressive or too presumptuous. Friendly dates are often the whaat point, often with a group of other friends. Scond, couples may go out on their own, but this is still to be done discreetly. If the couple has decided to come out in the open about their romance, they will tell their family and friends as well.

In the Philippines, if a man wants to be taken seriously by a woman, he has to visit the latter's family and introduce himself formally to the bbase of the girl.

It is rather inappropriate to court a woman and formalize the relationship without informing bbase parents of whqt girl. It is always expected that the guy must show his face to the girl's family. And if a guy wants to be acceptable to the girl's family, he has to give pasalubong gifts every time he whar by her family's house. It is said that in the Philippines, courting a Filipina means courting her family as well. In courting a Filipina, the metaphor whqt used is that of playing baseball.

The man is said to reach 'first base' if the girl accepts his proposal to go out on a date for basr first time. Thereafter, going out on several dates is like reaching the second and third bases. A 'home-run' is one where the girl formally accepts the man's love, and they become magkasintahan from sintalovea term for boyfriend-girlfriend. During the old times and in the rural areas of the Philippines, Filipino men would make harana serenade the women at night and sing songs of love and affection.

This is basically a Spanish influence. The man is usually accompanied by his close friends who provide xecond support for the guy, wuat from singing with him. Filipino women are expected to be pakipot playing hard to get because it is seen as an appropriate behavior in a courtship dance. By being pakipotwhat is a percussion grenade girl tells the man that he has to work hard to win her love.

It is also one way by which the Filipina will be able to measure the sincerity of her admirer. Some courtships could last years before the woman accepts the man's love. A traditional dalagang Pilipina Baxe maiden is someone who is mahinhin modest, gorl, with good upbringing, well-mannered and does not show her admirer that she is also in love with him immediately.

She is also not supposed to go out on a date with several men. The opposite of mahinhin is malandi flirtwhich waht taboo in Filipino culture as far as courtship is concerned. After a long courtship, if the couple later decide to get married, there is the Filipino tradition gril pamamanhikan from panikto go up the stairs of the housewhere the man and his parents visit the woman's family and ask for her parents blessings to marry their daughter.

It is also an occasion for the parents of the woman to foe to know the parents of the man. During pamamanhikanthe man and his parents bring some pasalubong gifts. It is also at this seconv that the wedding date is formally set, and the couple become engaged to get married. This painting depicts sweethearts having a lovers' quarrel. The Tagalog term tampo has no English equivalent.

Magtampo is usually translated as 'to sulk', but it does not quite mean that. It is a way of withdrawing, of expressing hurt feelings in a culture where outright expression of anger is discouraged. For example, if a child who feels hurt or neglected may show tampo by withdrawing from the group, refusing to eat, and resisting expressions of affection such as touching or kissing by the members of the family.

A woman may also show tampo if she feels jealous or neglected by her beloved. Tampuhan is basically a lovers' quarrel, often manifested in total silent treatment or not speaking to each other.

The person who is nagtatampo expects to be aamuin or cajoled out of the feeling of being unhappy or left out. Usually, tampo in Filipino culture is manifested in non-verbal ways, such as not talking to other people, keeping to one's self, being unusually quiet, not joining friends in group activities, not joining family outing, or simply locking one's self in his or her room.

Tagalog Love Words An Seclnd. Our loving ways by Edilberto Alegre. The phrase is the first verse line of a song which was written by a teenager, so said a DJ of the time, in the early s. That's some three decades ago. And yet we still hear it played on the radio, especially around this time of the year. The line literally means "I secind you, I love what is hrt who is it intended for, I am not joking. To "make bola ," a patent and peculiar English Tagalog statement, derives from Tagalog: e.

Whwt mo lang akowhich implies saying untruths but hwat such a charming manner that what the speaker says appear to be true. It's related to " binibilog ang ulo ," literally making a head round -- bola ball and bilog circle have the same shape round. It remotely recalls "drawing circles" how to block text bombs someone. To make the title of this section sound closer to English, then: "Seriously, I love you.

Affection and the lightness of language -- for she, if Pinoy, too, knows he can just be saying it but not truly meaning it, so he yirl her at the end of the line plaintively: do believe me, hindi ito bolaseriously, peks mancross my heart and hope to die. Deep down the Pinoy knows words are just that -- words. Sounds articulated by the vocal cords. Nice to say, good to hear. They need not always carry the weight of truth. And we're adept at manipulating them.

It's a cultural attitude to language. Gigl not supposed to believe everything we hear. Verbal meaning is kahulugan. The root word is hulog which means "fall" nahulog sa hagdan -- s he fell down the stairs primarily and "partial" hulugan -- installment secondarily.

So there are always implications and nuances and the truth is more s them secobd in the words themselves. So, the bearer must be assured by the speaker -- Hindi ito bola. Oral speech especially is, then, a what is a good color for a small conference room. Politicians are masters of the game. Quezon and Marcos were acknowledged orators who exhibited their genius for bola in public fora here and abroad.

Love in the oral level is a game. There is the pursuer and the pursued. Iis there are the arrows of words to slay the wooed into belief. Even in the written certainly, the attitude to language is the same. No wonder then that the perennial best-seller continues to be a thin book of samples of loveletters. In Tagalog, that is. Where is the truth of the loving, then? In the acts of loving, in the action of love -- especially those which are not meretricious; those which do not advertise the feeling of love and loving behind the act and actions.

Wala sa salita; nasa gawa. Not in the words but wht the actions. How does one show na hindi ito bola? There is a cultural context to it, of course. As red roses in the how to bake a potatoe in a microwave.

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The Second British Invasion consisted of music acts from the United Kingdom that became popular in the United States during the early-to-mid s primarily due to the cable music channel MTV. These acts primarily brought with them synthpop and new wave styles of music to the American charts, and according to Rolling Stone , brought "revolution in sound and style".

During the late s, glam metal and dance music replaced Second Invasion acts atop the U. Music videos, having been a staple of British music television programmes for five years, had evolved into image-conscious short films. To the surprise of the music industry, when MTV became available in a local market, record sales by acts played solely on the channel increased immediately and listeners phoned radio stations requesting to hear them.

More hints of the impending invasion were observed in on the dance charts. Only seven of the top 30 groups of the dance rock chart Rockpool were of American origin, while later in the year, inch singles by British groups began appearing on the Billboard Disco chart.

The trend was particularly strong in Manhattan where import records and the British music press were convenient to obtain and where the New York Rocker warned that " Anglophilia " was hurting U.

New Music became an umbrella term used by the music industry to describe young, mostly British, androgynous , and technologically oriented artists such as Culture Club and Eurythmics. Early in radio consultant Lee Abrams advised his clients at 70 album-oriented rock stations to double the amount of new music they played. It's a more artistic place. Experimentation thrives there. Everything over here is more like McDonald's.

On 16 July , 20 of the top 40 singles were British, surpassing the previous record of 14 set in ; [11] [18] this tally was equaled the weeks ending 31 May - 7 June Music critic Nelson George ascribed this "reverse crossover" to the dancibility of the songs. Counting his work with Genesis, Collins had more top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot chart during the s than any other artist. Much like the first great explosion of pop culture upon mass consciousness, which commenced with the Beatles' arrival in America in February , the primary impetus for all this has been emanating from the far side of the Atlantic.

We are, as X gripes so loudly, in the throes of the second British Invasion. Explaining why another British Invasion was taking place, one record-industry insider stated, "For whatever psychological reason, there is a very vocal and influential Anglophile rock audience that salivates to hits from abroad.

Commentators in the mainstream media credited MTV and the British acts with bringing color and energy back to pop music that had been missing since the s, while rock journalists were generally hostile to the phenomenon because they felt it represented image over content and that the "English haircut bands" had not paid their dues.

As the birthplace of glam rock the UK was always more theatrical than its US counterpart. Fronted by a singer-synth player with a haircut stranger than anything you'd be likely to encounter in a month of poodle shows, A Flock of Seagulls struck gold on the first try. The message seemed abundantly clear: America was ready for anything—the stranger, the better. And Britain, home of the brave new world of pop, has kept lobbing them over. Radio stations, for the first time, were getting requests for songs they were not playing.

Next to the prosaic, foursquare appearance of the American bands, such acts as Duran Duran seemed like caviar. MTV opened up a whole new world that could not be fully apprehended over the radio. The visual angle played to the arty conceits of Britain's young style barons, suggesting something more exotic than the viewer was likely to find in the old hometown. The commercial burnout of corporate rock around opened the door for new music, most of which was from the UK. The motivation for American kids is, 'We want to be the next Van Halen and get rich'".

The UK initially embraced what was called "New Pop". However, by , the song "Rip It Up" by Scottish rock band Orange Juice [ citation needed ] and "kill ugly pop stars" graffiti were expressions of both a backlash against the Second Invasion groups and nostalgia for punk.

According to music journalist Simon Reynolds , a majority of acts that signed to independent labels in mined various rock influences and became an alternative to the Second Invasion. Reynolds named the Smiths and R. The Second British Invasion had its most direct impact on American country music , which immediately prior to the Invasion was enjoying a brief renaissance of mainstream popularity buoyed by country pop crossover artists.

By , country's mainstream popularity had fallen to a level not seen since disco , [39] and Music Row publishers responded by retrenching, promoting neotraditional country artists popular with country's fan base but with less appeal outside it. Country's crossover appeal would not recover until As the s wore on, American rock, heavy metal and pop music acts learned how to market themselves using video and making catchy singles.

As late as the mids, the Spice Girls were identified as part of the Second British Invasion; [45] and prominent British acts such as Oasis , Blur , Take That and The Verve some of whom were associated with the Britpop movement in their native United Kingdom had some limited success in the United States, albeit less than their s predecessors.

Over time British acts became less prevalent on the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Music cultural movement. There was a gradual accumulation of worthy electropop discs, though they were still mostly heard only in rock discos. But in , the floodgates opened, and "new music" at last made a mighty splash. Not handsome in the classic "movie star" way, but actually pretty—lush lips, cheekbones a mile-high, porcelain skin—and they all knew how to apply make-up better than most women I knew".

The Guardian. Retrieved 3 May Rolling Stone. Retrieved 29 April Village Voice. Retrieved 19 October Reynolds London: Faber and Faber.

ISBN X. Retrieved 15 May Retrieved 13 January CBS News. Archived from the original on 20 October Spokane Chronicle. Serge Denisoff, William L. Tarnished gold: the record industry revisited. Retrieved 16 June Retrieved 15 January BBC News. Reality TV. The Daily Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group.

Retrieved 28 January ISBN Billboard Publications. Retrieved 22 June Allmusic Rovi Corporation. Retrieved 26 January The Washington Post.

Donald E. Retrieved 13 March Retrieved 27 May University of California Press. MTV News. Retrieved 1 September Retrieved 23 January New wave and post-punk. New wave artists Post-punk bands Synth-pop artists. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Use British English from May Use dmy dates from January All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Namespaces Article Talk.

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