What kind of government was sparta

What Type of Government Did Athens Have?

What kind of government was sparta

what kind of government was sparta

Spartan system of government

Sep 29,  · Sparta was a warrior society in ancient Greece that reached the height of its power after defeating rival city-state Athens in the Peloponnesian War . Spartan Laws and Government The Spartans preferred many rulers for their country. The Spartans had two kings ruling the city, but their powers were limited by the 'council of elders', having 28 members participating. This created social classes within Sparta, the highest social class being the kings and the 'council of elders'.

According to the legend, from period of the king Lycurgus all existing Spartan laws were grounded. Lycurgus had conceived also political institutions, established after consulting with the Delphic oracle. Sparta was a city in Greece in which the form of the kingdom in the form of joint authority was preserved.

Spartan political system was a combination of monarchy kingsoligarchy Gerousia and democracy ephoroi, ephors. Oligarchy — Sparta kiind had two kings, the state was ruled by two hereditary kings of the Agiad governmen Eurypontid families probably the two gens had great merits in the conquest of Laconia. King was succeeded by his the first born son after he came to power. They were the supreme commanders of the army. In peacetime they were responsible for the cult and to some legal issues. Both Kings had jointly decided.

The Gerousia had the highest authority in the Spartan state. The Gerousia was a council of elders senate which consisted of 28 elders gerontocrats and both kings who were members of The Gerousia by position.

The elders were elected by the Assembly from among the oldest Spartan champions. These were the what kind of government was sparta who turned 60 years old elected was for life, and later their mandate reduced to one year.

Elders were inviolable and were not responsible for their actions before the law. The Gerousia had advisory and legislative function, supervised the work of the government and preparing legislative proposals and other decisions which were to be submitted to the general assembly.

They mostly made decisions on criminal matters the death penalty, persecution. The Gerousia was able to start Procedure Code on its own initiative or at the ephors request then ephores joinedthe gerousia as judges.

The Gerousia was later if the power to indict and convict king. They vigilantly guarded the aristocratic state ahat. Apella National Assembly in the beginning was a very important social authority. Members of the apella were all Spartiates who have reached the age of waa the army or after they have reached the age of thirtys. The Apella was legislature, what is a 3 way light switch accepted and rejected laws. Apella elected ephores, elders and lower state officials.

Choices and decisions were carried out by acclamation in Sparta people or How to read cards using playing cards had unanimously adopted a decision. Because one vote could block a voting, soon it was introduced to the system of voting fo depending whether the members were for or against a proposal they moved to the agreed position. Apella was held once pro month.

Apella was initially summoned and presided by kings, but from the 5th century BC assembly elected 5 ephores in whose hands was executive authority convening the meeting itself and the management of its operations. Apella was held over the slopes of the Taygetus, where was a good acoustics and shelter from the wind. Ephors were supervisors. There were 5 and they were elected from five tribal communities.

In the beginning they had a king and the gerousia supervisory role and prevented strict control of power of the few. The oldest of what kind of government was sparta ephors whhat magistrate eponymos. Their mandate lasted a year and each year they elected a new ephors.

From the 5th century they had an executive role of their Assembly decision and could call a meeting and the gerousia and made suggestions. They had the right o make the final decision if the two kings could not agree. They had the legislative power that enabled them to accuse anyone even kings. Their supervisor role amplified so much during the time that it destroyed the prestige and authority of kings. Ephors how to get free minutes on a gophone able to control the private life of the monarch and limited their powers in command of the army, because two ephores accompanied the king to war.

They started wars and assembled the peace. They were responsible for the upbringing of the youth were at the forefront of the Spartan diplomacy. They had a secret police Crypteia — was established in the 5th century.

BC in order to control helotswhich was monitored by the Lacedaemonian, Spartiateshelots and Perioikoi communities. Ephors had numerous officials under its administration: monitoring of physical activity, supervision Spartan kitchen, market surveillance, control of the private givernment of women and others.

Peloponnesian alliance — Spartans in 6th century BC organized the powerful Peloponnesian alliance, Simah, in which Corinth, Epidaurus, Megara, Aegina and other cities in the Peloponnese and around it joined.

The members of the Peloponnesian League were autonomous. They were committed only in the case of war against a common enemy to give a certain number of soldiers and recognize the Spartans supreme military command. Assemblies allies were held in Sparta. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery.

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Answer: 3 ?????? question What type of government best describes Sparta? * - the answers to freenicedating.com Sparta had what is known as a diarchical monarchy. The government's complete makeup consisted of dual kings; a council of about 30 gerontes or gerousia, which are rich elders; the ephors, a small council of five people and an assembly, called the Appella or Demos, of the common people who gathered once a . Sparta was a powerful city-state in ancient Greece. Sparta was ruled by a small group of retired warriors. This type of government is called an oligarchy. The Spartans spoke Greek.

Asked by Wiki User. Sparta had a government that consisted of two kings one from the Agrid family and one from the Eurypontid family , five Ephors supreme magistrates , the Gerousia council of elders and the Apella the assembly of equals - all Spartan men over the age of The kings and the Ephors made all the most important decisions about the state and battle and education and the Gerouisa had a big input in law but even if they all make a unanimous decision it can still be overruled by the whole Apella.

In that sense it is an almost democratic government except that woman or slaves cannot have a say. Sparta had a oligarchy Government. Oligarchy mixed with democracy. Sparta was an oligarchy. Sparta had oligarchy. Yes it was. The government of Sparta became an oligarchy in BCE. Sparta used an oligarchy as their form of government.

This means that there was a few people who ruled. Since the government of Sparta was an oligarchy it was ruled by few. Sparta was oligarchy. Athens had a government based on a democracy Sparta had a military based government. Sparta became an oligarchy in bce. They had an Oligarchy government :. Sparta - oligarchy Athens - democracy. They had an Oligarchy. The government of Sparta was an oligarchy, meaning that an small elite ruled the country.

Athens's finnancial differences from Sparta were that Sparta had alot more gold and Athens had alot more credit. Sparta had a mixed form of government that included a council and the leadership of two hereditary kings.

In today's terminology the government would be called a democratic monarchy,. Sparta's government was an oligarchy. An oligarchy is where a few citizens have a say in the government. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered The Spartan government was a fusion of monarchy, oligarchy and demoracy.

They prepared and presented proposals for the vote of the assembly. They were elected. Ephor - There were 5 ephors. They advised and checked the kings, controlled the Krypteia, watched for divine signs about the kings rule, supervised the life of the people and called the assembly. Ecclesia - The assembly consisting of Spartiate men over the age of They voted on the Gerousia's proposals. Related Questions. What kind of government did Sparta set up?

What types of government did Sparta have? What kind of government did the city-state sparta have? What government does Sparta have? What form of government did Sparta have? Was the government of Sparta a oligarchy? Who is the government of Sparta? The government of sparta was an oligarchy whitch means that it was?

How was Sparta government system? What are some characteristics of the ancient government of Sparta? What are some of the difference Athens and Sparta had? When did Sparta become a oligarchy government?

Government in Sparta? Type of government in ancient Sparta? What is the government of Athens and Sparta? Difference between Sparta and Athens government? What type of government does Sparta have? Who could participate in government in Sparta? How was the Sparta government strutured? Who ran Sparta? How were the government of Sparta and Athens different? What form of government was practiced in sparta? What type of government exsisted in Sparta? What form of government existed in Sparta?

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