What to do in tangiers morocco

Top things to do in Tangier

What to do in tangiers morocco

what to do in tangiers morocco

The Top 10 Things To See And Do In Tangier, Morocco

Top Attractions in Tangier 1. Hercules Cave. Inside is the famed window to the ocean in shape of Africa. 2. Medina of Tangier. Medina of Tangier is an old quarter / part with seven (gates) entries with the colorful life of 3. Cap Spartel. 4. Tangier Casbah. The Kasbah Museum brings together a. Apr 01,  · Here are some of the best things to do in Tangier Morocco. Visit the Tangier Kasbah At the highest point of Tangier, overlooking the city and the bay of Tangier is the Tangier Kasbah. One of the oldest districts of Tangier, the Kasbah is a picturesque .

Sincechange has swept across this rakish city on the Strait of Gibraltar at a dizzying rate. Heavy investment has moved the container port out of the city, the impenetrable Medina feels safer, the beaches are cleaner and the bay-front Corniche was regenerated in How to install wall hung toilet has never been a better time to delve into Tangier and reconnect with the city of Delacroix, Matisse and Paul Bowles, and where William S.

Burroughs wrote Naked Lunch. You can try to make sense of the Medina, sip mint tea at a louche cafe, stroll along the Corniche and battle up to the 17th-century Kasbah and its magnificent archaeology museum.

The maze-like Medina of the White City spills down the slope from the Kasbah in the north, granting brief glimpses of the Bay of Tangier through its gorge-like alleys.

Market stalls in the Medina laden with leather goods, carpets, spices, fruit, vegetables, wuat and handmade copper and brass jewellery. The days of the International Zone are recalled at Petit Socco, with its cosmopolitan architecture at cafe terraces. Presiding over the northern alleys of the Medina is the palace ordered by Ismail Ibn Fangiersafter he re-conquered Tangier following two centuries of English occupation.

Sultan Abd morkccotogether with an entourage of people, became a permanent resident here after being forced to abdicate in when the Treaty of Fez made Yusef of Morocco Sultan under the French Protectorate. Included in : City Highlights Discovery Tour.

There are also ancient morocc from closer to home, including finds like urns, lead sarcophagi and a reconstructed tomb, all from a Phoenician necropolis on the ocean side of the Kasbah Hill. Elsewhere there are ceramics and coins from the Almohad and Merinid-dynasty, silks from Fez, manuscripts, carpets and guns with inlay decoration, while you can enter the former throne room with a sublime artesonado coffered ceiling.

This cave, part natural and part man-made is steeped in legend and set on a headland between two epic Atlantic beaches. Some ancient Greek writers placed the garden a little way down the Atlantic coast at the ancient city of Lixus. On his way to the cave, Hercules had to contend with the How to reset forgotten windows password mountain, and instead of crossing it he smashed through it, and so creating the Strait of Gibraltar.

The property, holding a im centre, library and museum all oriented towards Arabic studies, symbolises the Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship ofstill upheld today. The building lost its diplomatic role after the capital morocvo to Rabat with independence inand is rented from the United States Government by a non-profit set up in the 70s to safeguard this historic building. One letter, penned by a diplomat, describes receiving lions as a gift, and wondering what to do with them.

Up the coast from the Caves of Hercules is the scrub-topped promontory that marks the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. The water off the cape has been the scene of battles in the American War of Independence and during the Spanish Civil War, and is named for an archipelago thought to have been submerged around BCE. The lighthouse crowning the promontory dates from and was the first to be built in Morocco in modern times.

Between the Caves of Hercules and Cap Spartel is a glorious public beach awarded consecutive Blue Flags in recent years for hygiene, water quality, facilities and lifeguard provision. But the headliner is the txngiers natural wonder of this long and wide beach, facing west and backed by sloping, gravelly so for breathtaking views of the sunset.

This is the open Atlantic so the surf will be too strong for kids, but the waves break a long way out, and there is a large shallow area where wee morodco can paddle safely with supervision. Another place where the investment of the last decade is unmistakeable is on the bay-front promenade.

The section that most people associate with the Corniche is between the new tourist port and Villa Harris, encompassing two beaches at the Plage Municipale and Plage Malabata to the east. Traced by scores of restaurants and cafes, this promenade dates to the 19th century but has been transformed in the s, with smooth paving, geometric lawns, clumps of palms and benches.

The views are staggering, over the sweeps of light sand out to How to change social security name Malabata across the bay, and the outline of Tarifa on the other side of the Strait.

Parc Perdicaris adds up to almost 70 hectares and is named after the Greek-American consul and playboy Ion Perdicaris whose estate was on this land. Perdicaris planted the exotic eucalyptus trees in the park alongside morlcco native palms, oaks, laurel trees, pines, acacias and walnut trees in the s how to build the parthenon for a school project the health of his wife who was suffering from tuberculosis.

The borders are lined with cafes where you can witness life at the point where new and old Tangier meet. And although large scale trading has gone, there are still plenty of stalls on Grand Socco, for fruit and arts and handmade crafts. At that time bankers and diplomats had their offices at Petit Socco, and the affluence of the time was reflected in its casinos, hotels and cafes.

During the days of the International Zone there were German, English tangierd French post offices on this one square. The glamour of that time had ebbed away by the s, but echoes remain in the louche cafes Tinjis, Central, Tanger and Al Manaraand in the stucco facades and wrought iron balconies. Even the most travelled visitors may feel overwhelmed by Tangier, and will need to turn to a trusted professional guide.

The tour can be given in English, Spanish, French or Italian, and includes pickup from the airport or hotels across Tangier. Hugged by the Corniche, the most convenient place to feel the sand between your toes in Tangier is the municipal beach, a broad crescent bordered to the west by the port. As with urban beaches around the world the water quality may rule out a swim, and it may be some ttangiers before the Plage Municipale earns a Blue Flag.

But with the recent development of the Corniche the sand is now well maintained, and a pleasant place to enjoy the sunshine and morocck air. For non-Muslims, this is a sight to check out as you make your way around the Grand Socco on a tour of the Medina, getting a pic of the striking entrance and minaret on the way. The Grand Mosque is the largest in the city, raised in on the foundations of a demolished Portuguese church, which before that had been a Roman temple.

The mosque took on its current appearance in under Sultan Moulay Sliman, and Sultan Mohammed V worshipped here on a way to make a momentous speech in Tangier in The Fondation Lorin documents social, political, cultural and sporting life in Tangier since the s, with neatly presented displays of photographs, posters, newspaper clippings and plans. The main focus is on the how to do hair straightening at home of the International Zone, between and A decaying Spanish artefact, the 1,capacity Gran Teatro Cervantes was constructed inand in its day was one of the most important stages in North Africa.

But in the property was officially handed by Spain to the Moroccan government, which has committed to restoring and reopening the venue as a theatre and cultural centre. Like any spot in the Medina, his tomb can be a challenge to find, and sits on the tiny Rue Ibn Batouta, a couple of minutes southwest of the Kasbah.

Eventually, a muezzin wuat appear and lead you to the sarcophagus, wrapped in a green cloth with verses from the Koran. Pavilions from the Mendoub were also used as the headquarters of the German consulate during their occupation from The park has 30 tangiesr cannons dating back to the 17th century, and some of the oldest trees in the city, including a majestic banyan thought to date back years.

The current, Moorish-style how to make special coffee was consecrated in after the initial construction proved too small for the congregation.

How to go to sogo fascinating are the historical figures commemorated in the church, or buried in the graveyard beside it. Inside is a plaque for Emily Keenewho married the Sharif of Ouzzane in and is credited with introducing the cholera vaccine to Morocco. Missed by all and sundry. A complete contrast to Achakar Beach, Dalia is on the Mediterranean side of trait, withdrawn from the coast in front of a bowl of rocky hills covered with pines.

Atop the cliffs is a lighthouse and a small castle, built in the early 20th century in a Medieval style. The reason to come is to visit what can i do with ecfmg certificate cafe, and contemplate the view as the sun goes down with a glass of mint tea or powerful coffee.

Near the point where waht Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, you can make out Spain and Gibraltar across the strait, or look back over the Bay of Tangier to see the city and port in lights. Terrasse des Paresseux is armed tangifrs a quartet of historic cannons, and you can peer across the strait through fixed binoculars. This forlorn 13, capacity area, dating back tois more of a destination for intrepid urban explorers who sneak inside to photograph the decay.

At the what makes you better than me of writing in there were rumours that the bullring would be renovated and find a new role, but nothing had been made official. It makes sense that a city linked with the beat generation should have a successful jazz festival. In motor proteins interact with what cellular structure Cap Malabata, about ten kilometres from Tangier, is a small resort furnished with a water park open to daily visitors.

This attraction has been upgraded in the last couple of seasons, and has large, interconnected pools, a shallow pool for littler children and a small line-up of slides, one with two-seater inflatable rings. For frazzled parents there are grass spaces where you can lie back on sun loungers under palm fronds.

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Top Attractions in Tangier

Skip to main content. Bed and Breakfast Tangier. Tangier Shopping. Andrew's Church. Travel Forum Airlines Help Centre. Things to do in Tangier. View map Map. Popular things to do. Architecture Tours. Cultural Tours. Historical Tours. Art Tours. Archaeology Tours. Shopping Tours. Ports of Call Tours. Ways to tour Tangier. See all. Full Day Privat Tour of Tangier. Explore the hidden side of Tangier. Convenient Tangier Transfers. Discover Tangier and Asilah in a full DayTour.

Tangier Sightseeing Tour. Day trip to Tetouan. Top Attractions in Tangier. Hercules Cave. Inside is the famed window to the ocean in shape of Africa. Medina of Tangier.

Cap Spartel. Witness the meeting point of 2 great bodies of water - the calm Atlantic Ocean and the rough Mediterranean Sea, the…. Tangier Casbah. The Kasbah Museum brings together a huge number of exhibits tracing Morocco's history. American Legation. Speciality Museums. This historical American house placed in the heart of the old Medina of Tangier called American Legation , has a unique…. Parc Perdicaris. You get a view of the water and trees , amazing stop to take pictures.

Musee de la Kasbah. There are ancient tools, bones, armor, mosaics , and manuscripts on display. Tangier Beach. The water close in to the shore is very green and then a dark blue farther out and is so pretty. Synagogue is in use occasionally, together with Shaarey Rephael synagogue in the new city, but there are barely Jews Petit Socco.

A wonderful place to watch people, taste amazing favours, smell exotic spices and hear the sounds of the Medina. Tanger Ville Railway Station. Public Transportation Systems. Take the Boraq high-speed train when coming from or going to Casablanca to save yourself plenty of time. When arriving in Tarife the passport control is done onshore just as you exit the Ferry. Place du Grand 9 Avril Socco Alto. Shopping Malls. Tanger City Mall. Dalia Beach. Bleu de Fes. Art Galleries.

Abdou did an excellent job working with me and helping me find a carpet I loved. Ibn Batouta Mall. Terrasse des Paresseux. Ba Kacem Beach.

Tumbas Fenicias. Punta Malabata. Tomb of Ibn Battouta. Music Festivals. Gran Mezquita de Tanger. Mikki Beach. Playa Blanca.

Gran Teatro Cervantes. Day Trips. Private Trip to Assilah. Private Trip to Chefchaouen and Akchour Waterfalls. Private Sightseeing Tours. Tangier Full Private Tour. Local tour in Tangier. Walking Tour in Tangier Medina. Multi-day Tours. Overnight Trip to Tetouan and Tangier from Andalucia. Learn more about this content Tours, activities and experiences bookable on Tripadvisor, ranked using exclusive Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, popularity, user preferences, price, and bookings made through Tripadvisor.

Learn more about this content Places are displayed based on recommendations by Tripadvisor's editors where available and Tripadvisor user reviews. Frequently Asked Questions about Tangier.

What are the most popular things to do in Tangier with kids?

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