Who is a pilot and what does he do

What does a pilot do?

Who is a pilot and what does he do

who is a pilot and what does he do


A pilot is someone who is in the aviation industry, and who is able to operate aircraft in order to transport passengers or goods from one location to another. They are employed by commercial airlines, corporations, or governments. In some cases, pilots are self-employed or work for an individual to provide private transport in small aircraft or private jets. Jan 17,  · Well again, the speaker, while appreciating his recovered health, hopes that "from our bourne of Time and Place" he will meet God when he does, at last, die: I hope to see my Pilot .

But now, he's got just one mission left for George W. Bush - to fly him home to Texas on Tuesday as the former president. The aircraft will be the familiar that routinely serves as Air Force One, but that won't be its radio call-sign on Tuesday afternoon, since Mr.

Bush will be out of office. The flight home is a military courtesy to the former commander-in-chief. After flying Mr. Bush to every state in the country but Vermont, and on 49 foreign trips to 75 countries, many of them more than once, Tillman will be ending his year career in the Air Force.

Bush nominated him for promotion to brigadier general, but the Senate Armed What is the best running shoe for wide feet Committee never took action on it. So the modest and soft-spoken Tillman will be leaving the military for a pilot's job in the private sector. He concedes that "nothing will compete" with the experience of piloting Air Force One.

His prime objective that day, as it is every day, was to keep the president safe - even as America what are the simplest carbohydrates called under attack - and there were reports that Air Force One was another of the terrorists' targets. Bush had been visiting an elementary school in Florida when the attacks on America began and he wanted to get back to Washington fast.

Bush to the nation's capital. Looking back, Tillman said Air Force One was not really a target that day, but "we always treat it as though the president could be a target. Tillman was also the pilot who surreptitiously flew Mr. Bush to Iraq on four occasions - including Mr. Bush's first visit on Thanksgiving Myself and my navigator planned the entire mission and then we slowly at the end - the day prior - let everybody know on our crew exactly where we were going to go.

Even the flight attendants until the day of - didn't know where they were going. Tillman trumpets his group's "zero-fail mission. That's a result of the best of the best in the United States Air Force and the best of the best maintainers. Tillman has high regard for Mr. Bush, saying "he's definitely a great man" for whom it's been "truly an honor to fly. And he views the personnel assigned to PAG as "kind of the 'Men in Black' behind the scenes" scrambling to prevent any mishap from distracting from the president's message on any given trip.

We have to make sure we present the right image of the United States Air Force while we're working for the White House. But that will soon be over for Col. He'll soon be flying a corporate chief executive officer - instead of the chief executive. Chrome Safari Continue. Be the first to know. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting.

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A pilot is someone who is in the aviation industry, and who is able to operate aircraft in order to transport passengers or goods from one location to another. They are employed by commercial airlines, corporations, or governments. In some cases, pilots are self-employed or work for an individual to provide private transport in small aircraft or private jets. Aviation is a diverse career field with many opportunities in both the public and private sectors and even opportunities to work in an educational setting.

Depending on what area of the industry the pilot works in, they may be responsible for transporting civilians, members of the military, private goods, commercial products, or other types of cargo. The type of aircraft used depends on the pilot's specialization.

Some pilots fly helicopters while others fly larger commercial aircraft to transport tens or even hundreds of passengers. Other pilots fly cargo planes to move large amounts of mail, automobiles, industrial equipment and other goods from one area to another. The most well-known pilots are those who work for an airline company, flying passengers who are commuting or vacationing. Their primary responsibility is to operate the aircraft, but their day consists of many hours performing other tasks.

Pilots check the weather and confirm flight plans before departing. They also perform pre-flight inspections and check flight logs prior to departure. During the flight, pilots are responsible for the safety of all crew and passengers on board.

They may often need to make split-second decisions and are in constant contact with the Federal Aviation Administration FAA to keep abreast of changes to the flight plan or safety issues. Commercial cargo pilots work in much the same capacity, with the only major change being that they transport cargo instead of people.

Careers are also available in the military, where pilots transport military personnel, soldiers , equipment, or goods for the government. Military pilots fly jets, bombers, and helicopters in combat, rescue, or reconnaissance missions. Some military officers are employed as test pilots, evaluating new and experimental aircraft prototypes.

In the private sector, pilots typically fly smaller planes like jets or light aircraft. They are employed by businessmen or celebrities and provide on-demand service for all their client's traveling needs. A private aviator may work as an independent contractor and offer service for-hire to many customers, or be employed solely by a corporation or wealthy individual. Pilots with enough experience in the industry may eventually decide to work for or establish an aviation school.

As an instructor in the school, pilots teach prospective aviators the fundamentals of flight. Topics covered in private lessons include safety, aviation history, and flying procedures.

They work with students and enable them to obtain their private pilot certificate or instrument rating. Pilots have distinct personalities. They like tasks that are tactile, physical, athletic, or mechanical. Does this sound like you? Take our free career test to find out if pilot is one of your top career matches.

Pilots rarely adhere to the standard hour work week. Due to constant changes in airline itinerary and frequent shifts in schedules from weather and equipment malfunctions, pilots may work late at night, on weekends, and even on holidays. In the case of commercial airline pilots, FAA regulations require an eight-hour break between shifts which may result in overnight stays in distant cities or countries. Most pilots will fly between 75 and 80 hours per month.

They are limited to a total of hours per month, or hours in one year. What is a Pilot? Are you suited to be a pilot?

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