Www whattheydonotwantyoutoknow com gta 4

GTA IV: Find all pigeons, stunt jumps, hidden weapons and more

Www whattheydonotwantyoutoknow com gta 4

www whattheydonotwantyoutoknow com gta 4

Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats

Mar 24, †Ј Homepage. freenicedating.com is a website accessible in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. It's a parody of the real life website named freenicedating.com What They Do Not Want You To Know is a website on the in-game internet in Grand Theft Auto IV. Description. The website has a layout similar to a forum where users can post information. The website has several maps marking the locations of secret items around Liberty City, including Flying Rats, Stunt Jumps, and weapon locations.

At any time during the game, pull out Niko's phone and dial these numbers for the desired effect. Contributed By: jamin and BreadSkin. Contributed By: lilobagginscchk15and RedStep. First, you'll have to have access to Happiness Island. Once you're able to go there legally, find the Helicopter Tours which is directly east of Happiness Island and steal a helicopter. Fly to Happiness Island and over the Statue of Liberty, then jump out of the helicopter at the coj feet.

You should land on the topmost tier of the statue, which is basically a square platform with a door in the center of each side. Run around the platform until you see a door with a plaque on either side of it that reads, "No Hidden Content Here.

Inside, you'll find an empty room with a tall ladder. Climb it, wwd when you reach the top, look up; there is a gigantic beating heart, held in place by chains. Go to an ATM, then cause a traffic jam to the area. Wait for someone to take money from the ATM, then kill him or her. Make sure to block any nearby roads so the ambulance cannot get to the murdered victim. Take the money they dropped on the ground. Then, run a short distance whattheydonotwantyuotoknow, and go back.

The money should have respawned on the ground. You can repeat this as many times as desired. You can also kill more people taking their money from the ATM to increase the amount of money that respawns. When how to be mature in life a Mr. Tasty Ice Cream truck, one of the the songs the truck plays is called the GTA Theme, in a cycle order it is usually played after Flight of the Bumblebee. While playing the song, call ZiT, and a text message will confirm telling you the name of the song.

Whattheydonotwanttyoutoknow soon as the message is answered, a Cheat Activated confirmation will appear, and the cheat will appear in the Cheat section in your phone.

If the vehicle you are driving breaks down and the engine will not start, call any number from your phone book, and your engine should start again.

You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. You can submit a problem report for any non-working or fake code whattheydonotwantyouotknow the what part of the pig does bacon come from diagram above. Log In Sign Up.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Cell Phone Passwords. Contributed By: Brokaliv. The Heart of Liberty City.

Easy money. Contributed By: nwabu2. Contributed By: NocturnalOps. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Website to find info about other characters in the game. If you can't find it click database in the copyright footer. Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much and have damage enabled - 10 points.


freenicedating.com is a website only accessible in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. The site has a layout similar to a forum where users can post information (similar to that of freenicedating.com, another website in the GTAIV series). Sep 10, †Ј Secret Web page showing you where are all pigeons, cars, monster stunts, the hidden Weapons, all health packs, etc. to find! Jun 14, †Ј GTA IV; All Activity; Home ; Grand Theft Auto ; GTA IV ; freenicedating.com

Some of the most exciting of these GTA 4 cheats can be entered by bringing up Niko's cell phone and dialing in the numbers. Once entered into the phone, you will retain the code under the Cheats menu in your cell phone for later use. If you sufficiently improve your relationship with certain other characters in the game i.

Friendships , you can call them and ask them to activate special perks to help you out of a tough spot, as indicated below. You can access some special bonuses by satisfying the corresponding requirements indicated below.

You can access a map of secret locations around liberty city by going to one of the many TW Internet Cafes and entering www. Block the streets near an ATM, causing a traffic jam. Then, near the ATM, let someone withdraw money. Once they do, kill that person. The ambulance won't be able to get through the traffic jam you created. Take the money, head a short distance away from the victim, then return. More money should spawn on the ground near the body.

Grab it and then retreat once more. You should be able to repeat this process as often as you like, and you can even kill multiple citizens to make it more effective. There are pigeons to find and shoot around liberty city. You can find their locations by clicking the link above. GTA 4 Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 28 Dec am. Unlockable Bonuses You can access some special bonuses by satisfying the corresponding requirements indicated below.

Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: The world is yours as Rockstar conquers all again with the fourth chapter in its city-sprawling saga of street crime. Genres: Action, Adventure. Developers: Rockstar North. Publishers: Rockstar Games. Release Date: April 29, Presented by Outriders. Table of Contents. Bellic Money Mr.

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